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  1. Wanted

    I think I just need to get out from behind this computer and get out behind a planer board mast.
  2. Wanted

    If "size don't matter" why's it have to be 18 - 21 ft? Sorry, just couldn't resist. Hope you have a sense of humor.
  3. has a bunch of 'em. Some of them pretty expensive, a few not so bad. Might be worth the effort to check 'em out if you haven't already.
  4. Quick Disconnect mounting plate for Motorguide Wireless trolling motors. Includes SS bolts, washers, and nylon lock nuts. Especially handy if you have 2 boats. You can use the same troller on both. $42.50 TYD in US 48. PayPal FtF
  5. I'll give $35 for the Shakespeare linecounters.
  6. Hi HH, I'm not an expert by any scale but I have some experience and ideas on your question. There are lots of things to consider before you mount your kicker. First, you may want to consider which side the wiring harness, control cables and steering tube for the main engine are on. I've found most of the time that's the SB side so it makes sense to put the kicker on the other side (port) so all that stuff isn't in your way all the time. Double check everything on the transom, inside and out to determine what's in the way on either side. (I drilled a hole in a portable fuel tank once) If possible, mount the kicker temporarily before drilling any holes and check that it swivels to both sides freely and that you can tilt it up and down without interference. Since your kicker is electric start/remote control make sure you'll be able to hook up the wiring, controls, and steering with no problems. I bet some other guys will add to this but let me say, sometimes deciding which side is easy. My boat has a boarding ladder/swim platform on the SB side so my kicker is Port. As far as efficiency and actually powering/propelling your boat I don't think there's a significant difference which side the kicker is on. Hope this helps. Good luck with your project.
  7. Gambler, I'm expecting this to be the brest rod holder I've ever used. lol
  8. Musky/Pike Lures 3 are 9" Grandma's, 1 9" Storm Giant Flatstick 22, and 1 8" Not sure. The lip looks like Grandma but not positive it's a Grandma. All in great shape with good hooks. Some have magic marker initials on the bottoms. Sizes may look a bit goofy in the pics because of camera angle. $70.00 TYD (in US) P/P F2F
  9. Got 'em today. Very nice, thanks for a great deal.
  10. Which one is a bit jumpy? Are they all 20 size, I can see the one is a CN20D? Pending your answer, consider them sold if you do Paypal.