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  1. Sold to a nice gentlemen in western ny.
  2. No not yet BigB. Lol. Fishing seasons here I'll put her back on the lake myself.
  3. No thanks got too many hobbies. Just trying to sell
  4. The gentlemen I bought from was a service manager at a marina in Burlington on Lake Champlain. He bought it with something different then the merc. But they didn't winterize it right and cracked the block. So he bought a boat that hit some rock's or ledges with the mercruiser motor and out drive. He told me it only had 60 hours on the merc. Then he had to redo the transom so merc out drive would work. The did a very nice job on that and also rewired everything.
  5. Not saying totally, just don't want the boat sitting around waiting for me. Someone will have a lot of fun and catch a lot of fish.
  6. Thanks pap: It is a very nice boat hate see her go,but to many hobbies