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  1. Hello. New boat shopping is fun. I went thru that a couple of years ago and was looking at the Crestline commander ,Lund sport angler and Starcraft fish master. All really nice boats but you might want to look out on the west coast at some of the options out there. It seems to me there are a lot more to chose from like King fisher, Northwest, Hewescraft and such. I wish there was a dealer closer to our area, this being the biggest drawback. Their boats have very little plastic on them and mounting things like downriggers on the gunals looks to be a very solid mount (meaning no backer plate to reduce flex). Have fun so many nice boats and options to choose from. Jeff
  2. That is beautifully done and a beast of a fish. The reaction I got when I first saw it was Wow it 2x the the size of anything I ever saw and 4x bigger then anything I caught. My buddy said it's like when you see a well endowed woman you have to think are they real? The Salmon river fish hatchery has some monster record fish on display and had the same feeling about those. The jackalope is almost as shocking but that is not real. Someone was very creative or tipsey when they made that.
  3. It is so big it looks fake,that sounds kinda weird, like a jack alope. But really nice job!
  4. I hope they make the new ones with the baked on powder paint. If they do I would like a small truck load of the dirty white boy.
  5. Thanks battle hammer for the reports. The wife and I hope to hit olcott on Friday and did not really have a plan on where to start. But sounds like 80 ft of water is a good place to work from.Thanks again Jeff
  6. What Bazookajoe said.
  7. Nice job! I have been fishing for kings for 7 years and our biggest is 26.12 The 30 Lbs club is awesome and hope to be there some day. Congratulations !
  8. Dirty White boy,carbon 14,green gator and candy corn for the steelhead
  9. Angler you might want to look for a kicker motor. It is nice to have for trolling but even better if your main motor has a problem. There are so many things to spend $$$ on with this sport.
  10. Ripen line let's hope someone starts making them again. Those where are first trolling spoons we used when we started fishing and still are favorite. That dirty white boy is the holy spoon on our boat. We had two lost one awhile back and now my wife will not use the back up. The one we have is the style with the white powder paint on the under side. So if some one out there has one that would like to make some good $$ on it please let me know. Thanks Jeff email me at jkcffs@ AOL.com
  11. Intrested in your Nk spoons. Can you send pic and price? Thanks Jeff. [email protected]
  12. From what I heard the speed at depth is really important. I don't have a probe yet but think this might be my next purchase. Ya big $$$ will have to cash in on some of my empty beer cans.
  13. Sunny D I was out yesterday and I had luck in 325 ft of water 80 ft down with a spindoctor and fly of the rigger. The wife landed a 26 lber that's on the loc board ,but not for long,. She really tested my patients after dropping her cell phone in the water at the dock and then telling me it was my falt because I rushed her but she made up for it by landing this fish. Hope this helps out. Jeff
  14. Thanks King slammin for the great report. Heading up there on Thursday- Sunday. Still learning a lot about salmon fishing but this will give me a head start. Thanks again. Jeff