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  1. Last weekend 100 feet of water and down 100 feet was good for lakers off nine mile pt. We also found them suspended and up high over 100 feet of water. I also heard of reports of good laker fishing out a little deeper.
  2. Hey everyone, it's the beetle here. My homeport is the Little Salmon River, Mexico Bay. I fish from a 23' sea nymph. I've been out twice this year and the brown trout fishing has been decent as long as there was some wave action. When it was calm its been clear and tough. We went out to 100' depths when it was too calm for browns and found lakers and a colored up steelhead. Seen pics of some kings taken in the area recently and can't wait to try for some next week. Net pens are in the water at Salmon Country and the fish appear to be doing well.
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