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  1. calling all dogs

    I came across a road kill 10 days ago and it took them 3 days to find it. Checked my camera today and there is literally two leg bones and some hide left.
  2. calling all dogs

    Not sure if this is going to work. However, if the picture is correctly attached, you can get an idea of what I have to work with. Some side info is this property is just under 400 acres and on the north face of the mountain, everything on our side of the mountain is private, everything on the other side is several thousand acres of state forrest. The large power line near the top of the mountain is about 130 yards wide and was clear cut about 4 years ago, now you can't see 10 feet into it its so dense with saplings and briars. I also have permission to hunt the farms to the bottom right of the picture. I should also note when I say "roadway" its our private, gated mountain roads.
  3. calling all dogs

    Lots of great advice. Thanks to all. I'm going to see if the wife can somehow post a picture from google maps of our property and the surrounding area. Thats way beyond my computer skills lol! Maybe you fellas will be able to tell me how you would attack the area.
  4. calling all dogs

    I have a couple questions if someone is willing to help a rookie out. First, i read all the time how guys will do x number of sets in a night. How long do you stay in a set with no activity before you move? When you move to the next set, how far is it from your last set? Secondly, with it being breeding season, is there one or two things I could focus on to increase my odds? Lastly, I've been told that they like to make dens in the piles of tree tops after a property has been logged. Is this true? I'm hunting our property in Central Pa that is approximately 400 acres which is all timber. A little over a year ago we had about 40 acres timbered off and it's littered with tops. Thanks for any help and I absolutely love this site, seems like a great group of people!
  5. calling all dogs

    Good evening all. This is my first post on this forum but I've been lurking for years lol. Maybe some of you could offer advice. I'm just getting into predator hunting and know next to nothing. My family owns a little over 400 acres of wooded land in Central Pa and my property borders several thousand acres of State Forest. There is a far too healthy population of coyotes on and around me. Almost all the videos and articles I've read deals with hunting in or next to fields which is not an option for me. As far as gear goes, I have a Shockwave E-call and I built a .223 AR with a night vision scope. I also have another .223 with a 4x12 scope topped with a green light by Wicked Hunting Lights. During this cold snap, I've accumulated several roadkill to set up bait stations. I do know that several of the local farmers have had people calling far too frequently so the dogs are quite educated. None have had any success. I know many of the hunters and they have the attention span of a 3 year old. It's my understanding that this cold weather has things shut down but with the warm up coming mid week and lasting for a fairly extended stretch, the activity should pick back up. Do I start one bait pile? Do i do several? What do i look for in determining a bait location? Do i call while watching the bait? I have tons of questions and no answers lol!