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  1. Great post! I just received my ISAW camera and need to figure out how to attach it, so please post your method! Doug
  2. Thanks for the report! I am trying to get my new downriggers mounted. May I ask what the lake condition is? Choppy? I have a small boat...
  3. Consider not going. I just got back. No fish marked anywhere. Surface temp dropped 20 deg down to 53. Very large swells turned choppy.
  4. In oven foil covered 400 deg for 25 min Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Another thumbs up for the brown sugar/soy sauce! Super easy and oh so tasty!
  6. Yup, 2016. Cant log into the motile app for this site on my phone, so text is best. 585-301-2742
  7. Hello all, Full discloser, I'm the factory representative in NY and PA for Steiner Optics. Every year I have to buy samples. I can only own so many binocs, so every year I sell off my samples. This ad is for Steiner Military/Marine Model #280 8x30. This series uses the Sports Auto Focus design. Same as what our military uses. MSRP is $299.99 and my price is dealer cost plus $5..... so $180. It seems I have two pair of these available. German optics, lifetime warranty. Not cheap, but good glass. Thanks for looking! Doug
  8. Thanks to Jeffery I received my first order of his Revolution trolling spoons. Look great, and this morning on my first time out of Sandy with them I scored with these two. I fish alone, small boat so only one downrigger. Two thumbs up!
  9. Hello all, I understand that the deeper you go, the heavier the ball must be. So is there a disadvantage of using a heavier ball in shallower trolling depths? Thanks in advance! Doug
  10. Well Sir, that was me. Glad you got fish, I was out only with lead core and got nadda. Doug
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