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  1. Wahoo_Guy

    Sandy creek launch

    I'll look tomorrow. Yea, I got skunked as well.
  2. Great post! I just received my ISAW camera and need to figure out how to attach it, so please post your method! Doug
  3. Wahoo_Guy

    Sandy 8/8

    Thanks for the report! I am trying to get my new downriggers mounted. May I ask what the lake condition is? Choppy? I have a small boat...
  4. I'm with ya! Looks like a promising day!
  5. Wahoo_Guy

    Sandy creek?

    Consider not going. I just got back. No fish marked anywhere. Surface temp dropped 20 deg down to 53. Very large swells turned choppy.
  6. Wahoo_Guy

    Love the Brown sugar/Soy sauce glaze

    In oven foil covered 400 deg for 25 min Sent from my XT1032 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Another thumbs up for the brown sugar/soy sauce! Super easy and oh so tasty!
  8. Wahoo_Guy

    Steiner binocs

    Yup, 2016. Cant log into the motile app for this site on my phone, so text is best. 585-301-2742
  9. Hello all, Full discloser, I'm the factory representative in NY and PA for Steiner Optics. Every year I have to buy samples. I can only own so many binocs, so every year I sell off my samples. This ad is for Steiner Military/Marine Model #280 8x30. This series uses the Sports Auto Focus design. Same as what our military uses. MSRP is $299.99 and my price is dealer cost plus $5..... so $180. It seems I have two pair of these available. German optics, lifetime warranty. Not cheap, but good glass. Thanks for looking! Doug
  10. Thanks to Jeffery I received my first order of his Revolution trolling spoons. Look great, and this morning on my first time out of Sandy with them I scored with these two. I fish alone, small boat so only one downrigger. Two thumbs up!
  11. Wahoo_Guy

    DR ball weight

    Hello all, I understand that the deeper you go, the heavier the ball must be. So is there a disadvantage of using a heavier ball in shallower trolling depths? Thanks in advance! Doug
  12. Well Sir, that was me. Glad you got fish, I was out only with lead core and got nadda. Doug
  13. Wahoo_Guy

    Cannon downriggers

    I'm interested, and in Hilton!