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  1. What model are they? Boom length?
  2. Yes I did. Made them out of 3/16 plate. They are rock solid.
  3. bump. I will also pay a $100 finders fee if someone sends me a buyer.
  4. If they are still available I will take them.
  5. I assume he meant 35 for the pair so.........
  6. 2008 Smoker Craft Pro-Mag 162 A little outside the group's area but it is a great boat:
  7. Sarge,

    I am in Napanee On. between Bellville and Kingston. It's 40 Minutes from interstate 81 at the 1000 islands bridge to Canada.

  8. Where are you in Ontario?
  9. Do you have any pics of the interior? Also the area that was repaired?