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  1. If you will take paypal and ship I will take it.
  2. If you are willing to separate I could be interested in the downriggers.
  3. What size/action are these? Price?
  4. Pretty sure my budget is probably out of touch for what you are looking to get. These are going to be a second set on the boat and likely will not be used all the time. Due to this I am not looking to get too deep into them.
  5. I saw those. Unfortunately outside the budget I am looking for. Thank you though!
  6. WTB Big Jon Manual Downriggers I am looking for a pair (2) of Big Jon riggers. I am looking for manual operation with 48" booms. Swivel bases are not required but would be a welcome bonus. Please let me know here if you have anything or text me at 207-890-9504 Thank you!
  7. Yes I did. Made them out of 3/16 plate. They are rock solid.
  8. bump. I will also pay a $100 finders fee if someone sends me a buyer.
  9. If they are still available I will take them.
  10. I assume he meant 35 for the pair so.........
  11. 2008 Smoker Craft Pro-Mag 162 A little outside the group's area but it is a great boat: https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6138918004.html
  12. Sarge,

    I am in Napanee On. between Bellville and Kingston. It's 40 Minutes from interstate 81 at the 1000 islands bridge to Canada.

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