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  1. OB1

    Seneca Gill nets

    Been saying that for the last couple of years log a lot of miles trolling . In time this be as great as Cayuga is now.
  2. OB1

    Seneca Gill nets

    They also sat one up right in front of my place just south of severn
  3. Way to go John been doing pretty good myself I know somethings need to be left out
  4. Omc. Cobra lower unit Friend looking for lower unit for OMC Cobra 93 lower unit any help would help
  5. Be seeing you around this weekend looking like things are changing a bit
  6. That's one for wall nice clean fish congrats
  7. Great job Nick and Butch I manage to way rainbow 4.32 came up a little short manage get a couple this year and not get skunked. Again great job
  8. Severne Dock are under water the north side one and south is partially
  9. I would say Severn is the best bet nice and easy
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