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  1. For Sale : USA

    Did you ever sell these seats?
  2. The seat pedestal sits above the floor. Thanks
  3. WTB Pedistal Boat Seats Looking to purchase two pedestal boat seats. PM what you have. Thanks
  4. Oh ok I get it now, seeing the last few years browns have been hard to come by and getting size has been tough. Lol, just kidding Les, poking you a little.
  5. Just curious, but may I ask why? Instead of boats launching at 5:15 it will now be 4:15. Will this continue to change? Do you see a 12:01am Saturday start time in the future?
  6. If you are looking to fish Seneca Lake, Captain Nick (Reel Stories Charters) 607-426-5919 is as good as they get and as far as I'm concerned has the best fishing boat on that lake. You wouldn't be disappointed.
  7. I would jump on lakebound88's bandwagon. From what i've seen he is catching fish as consistently or even more so than others on Seneca.
  8. Corning NY
  9. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Sounds like Reel Stories Charters has been on the fish for the past month. Good job captain. Nice looking salmon.