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  1. reputable seller (not me) https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Cabelas-Physical-Gift-Card-For-Only-80-FREE-1st-Class-Mail-Delivery/292552934165?epid=21002974224
  2. This is the adjustable (360 around horizontally) version, I have this in the quad version,and I like it quite a bit. Note that the top is open so you can use that as a net holder as well.
  3. Yes, looking for salmon reels. thank you.
  4. Looking for sturdy and affordable reels, shipped to WI. Thanks for looking.
  5. Interested in flashers a j plugs as well, pm'd Thanks!
  6. Hi guys: I have browsed the forum as a "new to me" boat owner looking for tips tricks etc. on rigging my boat, and trolling tactics and equipment. You guys have a nice thing going here. I'm going to be trolling Lake Michigan, but the educational resource here looks great. Thanks and take care.
  7. Hi there, a couple suggestions coming from the angle of someone who kinda does, but kinda does not know what they are doing. First, it would be helpful to show what is included with the rigged flies. The pics of the rigged and unrigged flies are the same, so it's not entirely clear what is included with the rigged flies, or what is needed to be added to the unrigged flies to fish them. Some people (me included) may not be as experienced with rigging these. Second, a simple cartoon-type schematic of typical setup would be helpful to show suggested uses; e.g., rod to planer to snap weight (or dipsy etc) to fly. rod to dipsy to snubber to leader to fly. rod to downrigger etc. Thanks!
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