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  1. Great info : Thanks RebelSportsman : I'll have to look to see if I have any kiwi fish ? "not sure" I do have a good selection of Yakima Mag Lip lures , I'v read other LOU have used the Mag Lip: Are they good on Cayuga Lake ?
  2. Hey thanks a lot stinger The girls are looking forward to checking out wineries & bistros . The boys are looking more for the fishing. I really appreciate all the great suggestion I'am getting from LOU members . Can't wait to wet a line Tell me a little more about your book & what is in it ? Maybe we can talk
  3. Thanks Nautitroller Mama is adding OMalleys to her list : We love places that we can boat up to: The wine got her attention
  4. Thanks Bristo15:) I'll turn this info over to my wife, she's in charge of the entertainment department We love finding new , good places to dine
  5. Great info Bobber I am making some notes on your suggestion & will take w/ use: Thanks on the quick response
  6. Thanks Bobber New to deep water fishing w/ DR &flashers/Dodgers : Is there a size / color preference w/flashers or dodger's ? Thanks
  7. Awesome Bow Kade Heading up to Cayuga L mid Oct for a week fishing Any info you may share on type of bait , how many ft back & speed ? Thanks Guys
  8. Hi Guy's : I ama newbie to your Lake Ontario United site Lov what I've been reading on your post : I have never been to or fished the Finger Lakes. We are making a trip up In early Oct. of this year w/my wife & another couple . We are coming up from central Ohio for a week for some fishing & wine tasting ( drinking) ðŸ·We will be staying @ the south end of Cayuga Lake & I am bringing our 21' Lund that I have a couple of down rigger's on it. I would be grateful for any info that fellow member's would be willing to share ( no secret honey holes ) 😉 Mainly on type of fish for that time of year & type of presentation & location . I have mainly been a Walleye fisherman on Lake Erie & caught a few King Salmon & Lake Trout ,but just a few . Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank's Guys! looking forward to hearing from you
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