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  1. Scotts bait and tackle web site has some of the penn parts available. You might check them out. Boat Safe, Egoody
  2. Hi Joe Buck, Great boat and someone will be getting one of the best. I have a 2012 Sport Angler that i've been rigging. I noticed in the picture of the down rigger, a mounting bracket that i haven't ever seen before. Can you tell me what it is and where you got it? I'm interested in something like it that mounts in the sport track channel on my boat. Thanks and Boat Safe, Egoody
  3. Hi Kevin, I have the same riggers I bought off Craigs List last spring. I'm curious about the booms in the picts you posted. Are they stock or something you added? The reason is, mine have the 24 inch long booms and I would like to replace them with longer ones, but the Cannon ones are pretty expensive. I've been trying to find some tube stock I could use without having to have a machine shop do work to it. Thanks for any info and good luck with your sale. These are rock solid riggers. Boat Safe Egoody
  4. I had a similar issue with a new roll of Malin steel wire. I called them to explain what i found and they sent me a new roll at no cost. Great company to do business with. What is the web site you used to get the splice knot from? Torpedo? Boat Safe Egoody
  5. Not sure how or if this relates to the queston, but back in the day, 15-20 years ago, I used to troll, running 600ft of steel marked every 25ft and then with a 25-30ft mono leader, flat lining, for spring salmon on Lake Champlain. We'd drag small needle fish or speedy shiners or tandem flies and caught many a fish. We figured each 25 ft section would get us down about 5 - 7ft per section. This was at a trolling speed of 2.0-2.4 mph. I've never run copper so I can't compare to that. Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
  6. This Big Jon planer mast is posted in the New Hamphire Craigs List. NH is a long ways from you but the shipping would be well worth the $200 that this is being sold for. The add says its new. Good Luck with your search...I bought one that was in "excellent" condition, but had to spend many hours getting it into a useable condition. Big Jon Dual Planer Rigger + Extras - $200 (Epping) hide this posting
  7. There are several listed in the forum. I haven't looked in the LOU classified section but there are usually some here too. Boat Safe, Egoody
  8. Thank You.... I can't even begin to imagine all of the work that goes into the behind the scenes effort to make this site one of the BEST for all of the people like me who are always looking for information that the more experienced members of this site are so willing to pass along for the benefit of others. Like it has been said before, with this, the beginning of the new year and the upgrading of this site, it's a great time for everyone to upgrade to the professional level of membership. Again THANK YOU and Happy New Year..... Boat Safe Egoody
  9. Tyee, I've gotta ask...what is a wire diver?
  10. Hi... What is the advantage of putting a length of mono to the wire? Why not just run the slide diver on a reel with just mono? Does running the wire help with the release of the diver due to the lack stretch in the wire vs the amount of stretch of mono? I have both wire and mono set-ups and I'm wondering what will work the best for me when I use slide divers. Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
  11. Thanks to all. I'll have plenty of time to choose my next sonar/chart reader unit as the boat is put up until April. With the little research i've done in the past few days, I'm leaning towards the Lorance Ti unit, but i'll keep looking. Maybe i'll ask Santa for for a nice surprise under the tree. Thanks Again and Happy Holidays. Boat Safe Egoody
  12. Hi Wallyandre, Thank you for the comparison information. Do you have good or not so good experiences with any of these you can share? I'm looking for a unit with a great performance history that I can depend on while on the water. Thanks And Boat Safe Egoody
  13. I currently have the Lowrance Elite 5 and want to go to a 7inch unit. I'm looking for any pros and cons you may have with the units you are using. Especially the Raymarine Dragonfly 7PRO and comparable Garmin and Lowrance units. Thanks in advance for your replies. Boat Safe Egoody Fitzwilliam, NH
  14. Get in touch with Bikinibottom @ 607 346 4782, His Shark shaped weights are top notch. Depending on the time of the year he gets real busy, but he'lll always get back to you. His prices are much better than buying shark weights from the big box retailers and you won't be disappointed with the performance of his products. I'm sure Troutmans stuff is good too, but I just have't bought from him yet like others have done here on this site. Pancake weights just don't work with the existing currents in Lake O. Ask me how I know :>)). Boat Safe, Egoody
  15. I've had my 4 Cisco rod holders for 2 years now. I bought the Cisco tee slot mounts for my Lund Sport Angler that the Cisco mount bar and Rod holders bolt to. This is high quality equipment that I expect will last a very long time with minimal upkeep. Boat Safe Egoody