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  1. Egoody

    New downrigger question

    I've been running 2 of the Cannon mag 10 STX's for six seasons and have NO issues with their operating just the way they are supposed to. The only thing I would add is, buy 2, 6inch, down rigger snubbers from Amish Outfitters to stop a lot of the bounce due to these riggers being so fast on the up and down stop. Boat Safe, Egoody
  2. Lund 1800 Sport Angler is still available and looking for someone who has more time to use it than I have. Thanks & Boat Safe Egoody
  3. Egoody

    Dipsy O Rings

    Hi Not knowing anything about the Deep Diver I had to check them out online. Do they use a similar adjustable keel weight to set the direction? The web site shows depth charts based on 30# mono and 2-2.4 sow. How much difference in depth if using 30# steel wire? Thanks & Boat Safe Egoody
  4. Thanks for the plug Dry Net......My LUND 1800 Sport Angler is a great boat that's for sale on here.
  5. You're right this is a great boat. I'm hoping that someone can enjoy it as much as I have. Hate to see it go but I'm just not using it enough. I only had it in the water for 8 days last year ( one trip to Lake O and one to Lake Champlain) and 4 days so far this year. The annual spring trip to lake O. Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
  6. FOR SALE in Fitzwilliam, NH 2012 LUND 1800 Sport Angler with 2012 Mercury 150hp 4 stroke $34,000 Contact Ed @ 603-381-zero-8-7-two This is boat has fished Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, Lake Sunapee, Lake Winnisquam and many of the smaller lakes in NH. It is in excellent condition and has never been in salt water. I purchased it new in 2012 from Greens Marine in Hooksett, NH. It has always had annual service at Greens Marine to include all inspections, lube and oil changes & gas treatments in the fall before they shrink wrap and store this boat at their facility. Each spring they have opened it up and completed their spring readiness checks. (All records are available from Greens Marine) It includes all of the standard 2012 Lund Sport Angler features from the LUND Website. Lund/Shorelander, galvanized roller trailer with surge brakes, LED lights, swing away tongue, bearing buddies, and new spare tire. Additional equipment and items I have purchased which are included. · 3 Lund Pedestal seats (2 are new never used & 1 was used two times-like new), plus the port pedestal and starboard pedestal and additional stationary seat with storage underneath for a total of six seats. · Custom mooring / travel cover · Full stand up canvas top with side curtains and full rear drop curtain for full enclosed deck. · Bow Cover · Dual Interstate batteries · Perco battery selector switch · Lowrance Elite 5 fishfinder/GPS with Navionics software · Berts Custom Tackle, dual reel, 6ft planer mast with new Amish Outfitter, 500# spectra line · Pilgrim Planer Board line releases (24) from Amish Outfitters · 2 Amish Outfitter redwood dual planer big boards with snubbers and flags · 2 Amish Outfitter 18” trolling- buggy bags · 4 Cisco rod holders, sport track mounted. · 2 Cannon 10 STX high speed down riggers with dual rod holders & snubbers. · Richie lighted compass · Uniden VHS radio and antenna · Anchor & rope · 3 boat bumpers · Swim platform with fold up ladder Fishing Tackle shown in the following pictures is not included but may be purchased optionally.
  7. Egoody

    What boat should I buy

    Buy a LUND and have a boat for life... Egoody
  8. Egoody

    Tons of Spring Kings

    Best King Fishing I have ever had in all of my trips to Lake O. We fished the south shore, west of nine mile, 5/5 - 5/9 in 12 to 40 FOW. Ran spoons mostly for the majority of the catch, only one came on the BT Candy Bay Rat. Otherwise copper back and gold colored back side spoons were what took the rest. In the 4 days we boated 5 kings ranging from 8 to 14 lbs and 2 browns in the 5-6 lb range. GREAT Time..... can't wait for next year Boat Safe, Egoody
  9. Just an FYI for anyone looking for a source for OEM boat parts. Note, I have no affiliation to this, I just stumbled across it. https://greatlakesskipper.com/oem-parts-and-accessories Boat Safe, Egoody
  10. Egoody

    Big Board Showdown

    I've been running the Amish Outfitter's Redwood boards for 3 years and they ave worked well for me. I see they now have some kind of "plastic" big boards they are selling for about $189.00a pair. I know nothing about them, but Amish makes good products and it might be worth taking a look at them before you spend over $350 for a set of Aurora's. I'm sure there are others on this site that can vouch for the Amish products. Boat Safe, Egoody
  11. I've been using the Okuma 8 1/2 ft GLT's. They are relatively cheap ad hold up pretty well. As far as reels, I have several of the older Daiwa 47H's I use for my lead cores. I'm sure there are many others out there to choose from, but these work for me. Boat Safe Egoody
  12. Egoody

    WtbDown rigger weights

    Get in touch with Bikini Bottom (607 346 4782) on this site. He makes the shark weights in 10 Lb, not sure if he does anything smaller but what he makes are excellent quality and cost. Boat safe Egoody
  13. Egoody

    Transom repair????

    From the description is sounds like you're going to make an L bracket to bolt to the flooring the inside of your boat and also to the inside of the transom. Be sure what ever material you use you can bent or welded to make the L shape in your bracket. The stainless can be bent at a sheet metal shop. If you decide on aluminum, some grades can be bent or welded but not necessarily both. The stainless may be a better option. Boat Safe Egoody
  14. Egoody

    Transom repair????

    McMaster Carr has good information on the properties of different types/grades of aluminum. Here is a link that may help you. It doesn't speak to the thickness recommendation you asked for. https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-aluminum-sheets/=1c2xg2r Good Luck & Boat Safe, Egoody
  15. Egoody

    Adjustable Rod Holders

    My vote would be the Cisco brand rod holders. I have 4 mounted on my boat and use them for planer, down rigger, dipsey and flatline rods. There's a guy on this site (Laker Taker)who is selling 4 track mounted Cisco's right now that would be a great addition to your setup. They may seem pricey but his price is really reasonable if you see what they are new. Check the Cisco's out on their web site. Boat Safe Egoody