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  1. Just Grinning,

    I bought the Navagloo for my 1800 lund 2 years ago from  the distributor located in NH.

    Do an online check and save yourself long distance shipping charges,

    Sorry but I don't remember just where they were located.

    Good Luck,


  2. Don't have the pin you are looking for, but a possible solution. Check out McMaster Carr or Graingers web site. They are both industrial suppliers and have spring loaded springs. You may find something that will work. Good luck egoody
  3. You may be able to order the parts from Diawa, Daiwa Sealine SLW50HSLW50H-60H.pdf
  4. I bought and used the Navigloo boat cover to cover my 1800 Sport Angler. I only used it one season as I sold my boat, but I have nothing but good things to say abouy it. The cover was heavy duty and shed the NH rain and snow with no problems. The framework was robust with many adjustable settings to be able to fit your specific application. The only problem I had was self inflicted. The cover I bought was designed for the next longer length boat than mine. The covered everything including the motor and trailer tongue, plus some left over which reached the ground. Over the course of the winter it froze into the ground and I had hard time getting it thawed out from the ground without tearing it. Here are a couple of picts Boat safe, Egoody
  5. Egoody

    Sold / Closed 2012 LUND 1800 SPORT ANGLER

    Hi, Yes my LUND is sold. Thanks for checking. Boat Safe, Egoody
  6. Don't know if this will help, but I remember putting either paint thinner or lacquer thinner in a styrofoam cup and it immediately dissolved. There's got to be some unfriendly chemical that could dissolve it, otherwise just have to cut it out. Boat Safe Egoody
  7. A word of caution if spraying closed cell foam....Follow the application instructions!!! As closed cell foam cures it goes through an exothermic reaction that causes it to heat. if applied to thick it can become hot enough to catch fire. I know this because a company applying closed cell foam insulation in my attic sprayed it thicker than specified and it caused a fire in my attic. Thanks and Boat Safe, Egoody
  8. Great video".......love to see kids spending time with family, enjoying the great sport of fishing or anything else outdoors. Not trying to be negative....what were you thinking, having your six year old son on the water without a PFD on? Boat Safe Egoody
  9. Chamberlain Downrigger Release https://downriggerrelease.com/ Check them out as an option for you to try. We all have recommendations of what we like to use. You will find numerous posts on this site regarding your release question. Boat Safe egoody
  10. Pats GOT IT DONE...........Whaler continues to GET IT DONE Best of luck with the new Whaler, Boat Safe, Egoody
  11. Use them regularly for ice fishing...We call them "Fish Worms" Egoody
  12. A while ago I posted how I adapted my front seat post to be able to insert my planer mast. Just another idea If it helps. The only thing I didn't include was I installed a piece 3/16 inch SS plate under the seat base for re-enforcement Boat safe, Egoody Posted February 11, 2016 I have just finished adapting my front seat post to be able to mounty planner mast in. After i figured what i needed for spacers. I bought a 3 ft piece of nylon 66 from McMaster Carr on line, that i cut four 8in long pieces from. It just happened that i could use a standard thickness they sold. 5/16 inch thick. I laid out where the spacers were to be mounted, drilled clearance holes in the post and drilled and tapped corresponding holes in the spacers. The spacer material cost about $6, pretty cheap. The last thing I did was to drill a hole though the seat post and the planer mast to keep keep the mast height where i wanted it and to keep it from rotating in the post. Hope this helps. Boat Safe Egoody Fitzwilliam, NH
  13. Just 5 more Mondays until spring!!!!! Hopefully the warmer weather will be here soon too! Boat Safe Egoody
  14. I haven't seen bikini bottom post for a while so I went back through some old posts here and found his contact info he posted. Phone number 607 346 4782 call or text or email me at richmatwiejow2015@outlook Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
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