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  1. Hi, I have (2) 13lb Yeck pancake weights I'll sell for 40.00 each plus shipping. They have only been uses twice so they are like new. I bought sharks to replace them. I will say pancakes don't work well in Lake O because of the water currents. Not trying to talk you out of them, but the shark shaped ones really work the better. There are a couple of guys on this site that make them, Bikinibottom is the one I have bought them from. Let me know if you are interested in the pancakes. Boat Safe, Egoody
  2. Not sure if this is what your looking for, but from your description, try the Cisco Web Site. I have these on my Lund and they are top of the line. Boat Safe, Egoody
  3. Thank You ALL for the info... Boat Safe Egoody
  4. Thanks LC, You say stay inside the buoys?....Are both sides of the channel to the lake marked? Egoody
  5. Hi, I'm coming up to Henderson Hbr May 23 for 5 days for the first time. No idea what the harbor fishing will be then, but if I wanted to launch out of the Stoney Creek launch instead of the one in Hbr, I have a couple of questions. I'm looking at the NOAA map and it shows shallow water and grass at 1ft depth and a little further closer to the lake, rocks at 3ft depth just before you get to the main lake. Im running a 1800 Sport Angler (Lund) with the 150Hp Merc 4 stroke. Will I have trouble getting into the main lake from this launch? I was thinking that the Stoney Creek Launch would easier than going across Henderson Hbr, Trying to determine the best path to take to get past the shoal by Gull Island and then motoring down around Stoney Point. This may all be a mute point in a few weeks when I arrive, as I may have good luck without going down to the Stoney Creek area. Just looking to be prepared before I arrive. Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
  6. When i get to the fishdoctorcharter web site i have to use the flash video option to view any of the videos, I tried to use the other choices and nothing else worked for me. I just thought is was something in the way my computer is set up. Sorry if i gave anyone any false directions, but this site has some very good info if you can get to it. Boat Safe Egoody
  7. Here is an alternative to store bought cable termination kits. Take a look at the Wire Line Knot Video here. It has worked for me for me for several years, without failure. There is a lot of other great info here also. Boat Safe, Egoody
  8. 25 ft length of 10# P-Line flouro tied to 30# braid with an albright knot works for me. Boat Safe Egoody
  9. I see by the replies that early May is considered the prime time. We have a trip from NH to Henderson Harbor the 3rd week in May. What are our chances for finding Eyes and Browns during our trip? Are there areas we should be concentrating on? Thanks in advance for any advice you can share. Thanks and Boat Safe, Egoody Fittzwilliam, NH
  10. I'm interested in this swivel base if its still available and you will ship and take paypal for payment. PM me. Thanks & Boat Safe Egoody
  11. Hi, May be a little late for this season but I've been running a 250 Polaris explorer with chains on the rear wheels and it went great on smooth ice with little or no snow along as I didn't want to make a turn. It just kept going straight. I had to jump off and jerk the front end around to get me headed in the direction I wanted to go. I'd suggest chains in all four wheels or stud the front tires with the chains on the rears. Just my experience. Egoody
  12. Hi, A question on the shallow running sticks. do you run the with mono or flouro and let the bill take them down to the running depth or do you run them with lead core or a sinker to get them down to the depth you want? Thanks and Boat Safe Egoody
  13. Scotts bait and tackle web site has some of the penn parts available. You might check them out. Boat Safe, Egoody
  14. Hi Joe Buck, Great boat and someone will be getting one of the best. I have a 2012 Sport Angler that i've been rigging. I noticed in the picture of the down rigger, a mounting bracket that i haven't ever seen before. Can you tell me what it is and where you got it? I'm interested in something like it that mounts in the sport track channel on my boat. Thanks and Boat Safe, Egoody
  15. Hi Kevin, I have the same riggers I bought off Craigs List last spring. I'm curious about the booms in the picts you posted. Are they stock or something you added? The reason is, mine have the 24 inch long booms and I would like to replace them with longer ones, but the Cannon ones are pretty expensive. I've been trying to find some tube stock I could use without having to have a machine shop do work to it. Thanks for any info and good luck with your sale. These are rock solid riggers. Boat Safe Egoody