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  1. have several 20 inch used 30 day warranty 130hp Yamaha 1996 $3000 2 rebuilt 90 hp Yamaha 90 day warranty 4500.00 each 2004 115hp Johnson rebuilt 90 day warranty 4500.00 2 1997-1999 115hp Johnson used 30 day warranty 2500.00 2 1999 -2000 90hp Johnson rebuilt 90 day warranty 4300.00 complete controls extra 250.00 for any motor might have more that's off the top of my head offshore outboards 723-928-7183
  2. Have several motors with warranty 732-928-7183 call after 4 pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. have a few motors call the shop johnson 89 model 25 or 30 not sure i'll check when ya call bunch of work done clean $1000 warranty
  4. got several motors ready call shop 732 928-7183 got a house on the north pond and i'll bring it up(jersey) all motors warranty
  5. was there over xmas weekend in a drift boat hooked one fish on the bottom with a sonar 1 oz blue\silver, only bit hard to fish at 15,000, saw one guide killing browns
  6. Hey Dances with fish I could help you get through the repair on the ficht sorry caught the post late! All in all if you have more than 400 hr on the motor usually they will last a while up to 2500hr most time they would blow up before that! 1\4 throttle I guessing at 2500 rpm its breaking up which means its in limp mode to protect the engine and most time accompanied buy a horn or an engine light on the system check tach at the dash. call the shop some night after 4 pm 732-928-7183 Jackson NJ Yamaha also a good choice Have several motor ready to go
  7. do ya still have the t\t\ unit and what hp was it from
  8. Only fished mud bay shoals 3 time I trying to catch some feeding small mouth mid day just cant nail it down. I seem to only catch a few small one at the end of the day on the way in. I am fishing the edges of the shoals around 20 to 30 ft with bait, jigs, spoons jigging? looking for any help
  9. Oh yea both fish stomachs were empty the big one came while just slowly dragging the crayfish jig across the bottom and the other came while trolling a long line out the back with the same exact 1 ounce jig. also with 6 other lines out (plugs, worm harness ect ect)
  10. all day! plugs, worm harness, deep divers, shallows divers, riggers over top of fish, different sizes, colors
  11. thanks for the input, was there on Friday hot sunny got 2 27" and a 23" nobody around and no trouble crazy both fish on crayfish rubbers jigs
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