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  1. The perch fishing on Keuka has gone way down the last few years since the sawbellies have all but disappeared and the lakers are feeding on them. DEC won't restock the sawbellies as they did in the '60's. They put in 300k ciscos which were probably gulped down in the first week.
  2. Thanks for the info. Just got my order today and am impressed with the quality of the products. I'll be ordering more.
  3. Do gambler rigs work as well behind 6 inch dodgers as they do off cowbells,especially on the Finger Lakes? Just got my first order of gambler rigs and anxious to give them a try on Cayuga..
  4. I agree with SK9man. I don't ever net one unless it's for the cooler, just do as he said. I don't ever remember one released this way come floating up dead or dying. Saves cleaning up the floor of blood/slime too.
  5. Bob is right. Same thing happened in the '60s. Had to release a few "hammerhandles" for each keeper. If I remember right DEC netted sawbellies from Waneta and Seneca. Took several years to build back a robust fishery but it lasted some 40 years. What is DEC's problem in restocking sawbellies, they proved it works 40+ years ago?
  6. Anyone remember the old Victrola rigs made from the wind up spring from a an old (very old) wind up Victrola record player. I used one for several years when we pulled rigs by hand (row once, pull twice), laugh if you must but caught a lot of Keuka lakers that way. Still have the Victrola, hasn't been used in 40+ years.
  7. SK8, Your warning about using a Seth Green rig in Lake O brings back a memory and a chuckle. Back in the day we had a camp at Oak Orchard and fished every weekend in our 19' Grady. Being a Keuka rig fisherman since the early '60s I thought I'd try using a stout,short three spoon rig off a jug. for kings. Wasn't in the water 15 minutes and the jug disappeared. Got the 18 lb king to the boat (of course he was on the bottom spoon) and was handlining in the leader with him on it and the thought struck me, what would I do if he decided to make his last run towards Toronto? I could feel the pain of the top two spoons hooks as they flew through my hand if he ran. Luck for me he didn't make that final run and we netted him ok. That rig was so balled up I just cut off the hardware and trashed the rig. Lesson learned, could have been a very painful experience.
  8. I have used Tristan Keegan owner of Upstate Marine on route 415 near the old drive in theater on several occasions. He's always done a good job for me on my 60hp Merc and 15 hp Johnson. His number is 607-368-1883.
  9. Thanks for the info. Havn't fished Sodus in years but want to give it a try soon. Used to (back in the early '80s) have a ball casting Cleos into 3 fow out to 20 fow.
  10. Is it safe to assume that the ice is off Sodus Bay? Is the ramp next to the channel useable.? Want to give it a try next week.
  11. Superhawk, This morning I called the owner of Jakes Marina on Keukas west side to see if he was open. He's still in Florida but said he'd instructed one of his workers up here to remove the barrels blocking his ramp,so he's open.
  12. Bent Pole, Where did you find the above mentioned closure of ALL launch ramps, both public and private,? I read all the Parks info online and couldn't find the source. Would please provide the website to this info. Thanks in advance.
  13. According to WETM TV the state launches ARE open. Go to "mytwintiers.com" for verification.
  14. Got two 18 inchers yesterday pulling rig, both were empty.
  15. Has anyone had success ice fishing for bluegills using plain old garden worms? Yesterday three of us fished a small farm pond for two hours, only got a couple on spikes on our jigs then switched over to using a third of a garden worm and ended up with 39 big 'gills.Never heard of using worms icefishing and got to thinking if this was a fluke on this pond only or if others have found success other places using worms. H
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