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  1. laketrout6

    Icefishing with worms

    Has anyone had success ice fishing for bluegills using plain old garden worms? Yesterday three of us fished a small farm pond for two hours, only got a couple on spikes on our jigs then switched over to using a third of a garden worm and ended up with 39 big 'gills.Never heard of using worms icefishing and got to thinking if this was a fluke on this pond only or if others have found success other places using worms. H
  2. laketrout6

    kueka Ciscoe stocking

    Status of the walleye population? Been fishing Keuka since 1962 an have NEVER heard or seen a walleye in the lake. Has anybody?
  3. laketrout6

    Keuka Fishing suggestions for Keauka Lake

    So, tell us how you did. Curious minds want to know.
  4. laketrout6

    Keuka Fleas? 7/19

    Fished rig for a couple hours, no hits. Only marked a dozen or so on the fishfinder. Then tried for perch for an hour, no perch. Surface temp was 77 and no fleas.
  5. laketrout6

    Keuka Launch site

    Urbana town clerk is Kelly Harris, 607 569 3743.
  6. laketrout6

    Keuka Launch site

    What are you trying to say ?
  7. laketrout6

    Keuka Launch site

    Sorry, thought I'd lost the partial post from yesterday. They're selling 100 key cards for $150 for the year. She said they'd only sold two or three--surprise there. You can call the Urbana town clerk for details.
  8. laketrout6

    Keuka Launch site

    I called the Urbana Town Clerk two weeks ago to discuss the Town ramp access. She told me the town is selling 100 key cards for
  9. laketrout6

    Seneca Fish Kill

    How about sending a couple million sawbellies `to Keuka. Not many left over there.
  10. laketrout6

    Niagara Bar?

    Best weather info I've found is ---wunderground.com/MAR/LO/043.html Scroll down the page to choose what area of LO you want to see/ Gives forecasts for several days out with wind and wave forecasts along with current lake conditions. Hope this helps.
  11. laketrout6


    Is the water clear right up to the shoreline or colored out a ways? Hopeing for clear water before long so we can cast Cleos into 2-3 fow for browns. Thanks for your insight..
  12. laketrout6

    Fall perch

    Frogger----funny--but true. I heard that last year someone in Elmira was selling them for a buck apiece. How times ( and prices) change. They ARE a tough critter. In a mornings fishing Keuka for perch and bass we usually only use three or four apiece. Bass will chew them up much faster than perch.
  13. laketrout6

    Fall perch

    Keuka is hot right now. 1/8 oz jigs and dobson are the ticket.
  14. laketrout6

    Pouring rig weights.

    Just wondering under what conditions you run 45-60 oz rig weights? For Keuka I use 20 oz and Seneca up to 30 oz depending on currents, I also use copper pipes for molds, works great.
  15. laketrout6

    Canandaigua Panfish?

    Had a good morning on the lake catching perch. Three of us kept 22 perch from 8-11 inches, three jumbo sunnies and a 13 inch smallmouth. Fished the southeast side in 25 fow .Could have used a breeze for a nice drift, had to use the electric most of the morning to create one.