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  1. Thanks! No, laser cutting vinyl produces pure chlorine gas, not good! You'd use a drag-knife system for vinyl. I have not setup that system yet.
  2. I just designed this and thought some of you guys may enjoy it. You can personalize it with your boat name. $15 each, laser cut 3mm baltic birch with whatever name you want. 7cm wide by 14 cm tall Located in Kitchener, Ontario, or I could mail it please PM if interested Thanks!
  3. Lines down at 530, still pitch black. Took a half hour for some light, and the first strike, it was a good one. 18lbs, but fought above its weight class. rest of the day was spotty. picked up another nice 16lb shortly after, they were hitting green fly/flasher and various mag spoons, didn't touch the meat. Spent most of our time between 80-110, down 40-60 when in tight. things got quiet, by 10 we decided to head to the blue zone. Buddy lost a good one that took a rip on the wire dipsy out 140 on #3 over 300fow on green fly/sd. After that we decided to check the radar because the Hamilton radio station we were listening to said it was getting dark over the city. it looked PERFECT where we were (but it was very hazy). looked at the radar and saw some nasty stuff headed our way... And not far, it was already overtop Hamilton Harbour and headed for us fast. (original forcast was rain/thunderstorms around 1, then they changed it to 4, then 7)..... the original forcast was right. decided right away to pack up and head close to port at least. That's when a boom of thunder ripped across the calm lake. That was it for us. We ran straight to oakville and went to find a dock to tie upto for a short while and ride out the storm. Got lucky and found a spot right under the bridge. the storm cell was intense, but small, and we didn't have to hide out for very long. Ended the day 7 for 10 with 2 doubles! biggest fish were 16 and 18 lbs Enjoy the video!
  4. Thanks guys! The footage was from the Water Wolf v1.1, which I just picked up. relatively cheap ($139) and hydrodynamic... seems to work well, except for the leak the first time using it (seemed to be some residue on the case, right where the seal is, from manufacturing, after cleaning with isopropyl it seems to seal properly now)
  5. Was a slow morning... Rods down from 5-10am. only went 1 for 1 (or so I thought) but it was a good one, 21lbs. Unfortunately the 'boat cam' gopro stopped recording 5 minutes after it started, and I failed to notice... so I missed the hit/fight/landing on video. Fortunately, the water wolf did better and caught some good action. I captured my first bait ball on camera!! I'm gonna have to sharpen my damn hooks. I saw at least 2-3 missed hits on video (and thats only on the lure with the camera!).... I'll admit I didn't even see the rod shaking when the ones hit and stuck for a few seconds that you see on the footage. I did make a live stream broadcast on youtube this morning for about 1.5hrs. Anyone who's subscribed would have been notified when I went live. Unfortunately they were uneventful.... no fish hit during the stream. managed to graph the 21lber on its way back down after the release too.
  6. Wasn't planning on heading out today then decided it was too nice a day not to spend on the water. Fished from 12-3pm. Started in 280, went to 300, then back to 170. Wasn't expecting much considering the time of day, clear skies, and relatively flat water. Went 2 for 2, managed 2 small rainbows. When reviewing the underwater cam footage when I got home, it looks like there were definitely kings around, they just weren't biting (or missing, or not being hooked when biting). Sounds like a lot of other guys struggled today too. Hoping things improve in the morning, planning on being out early. I MIGHT start a youtube live stream from the boat while fishing tomorrow. If you subscribe you'll get notified as soon as I go live. Here's a few of the underwater clips. Enjoy!
  7. Sorry for the late report, went straight from the lake to the cottage on Friday. Fish were much bigger than the day before. Finished the day 7 for 11. 19.5lbs, 17lbs, and 16.5lbs were my biggest. Spent our time in 100-150fow down 40-60. had quite a few knockoffs too. One got away that must have been big, snapped the atommik leader right at the hook with one hard quick headshake. Managed to get quite a few strikes on video again this trip... including some underwater shots on the water wolf! I still need to tweak the setup a bit (shorten the leader a few feet) but I managed to capture quite a few follows, a missed hit, and a successful catch on the water wolf. I found some some water inside the housing at the end of the day. This was my first time ever with the camera, and I was pretty careful with the seals when closing it up. It's still fully functional, not a lot of water penetrated, but I wasn't happy. upon close inspection there was some type of residue from a glue or sticker inside the housing where the seals go that might have messed up it's watertightness. It came this way from the factory in a sealed box. I've cleaned it with isopropyl, and we'll see what happens on the next trip. If it leaks again it's going back, I've heard they're good at supporting them though. Video took me quite awhile to edit... but I'm starting to get a bit more of a workflow down. You'll see how much trouble one of the salmon gave us. took a run up beside then under the boat. chaos.... you'll see. enjoy
  8. Managed to get out yesterday for my first solo trip ever on Lake Ontario. Everything went as smooth as one could hope, for a first time solo. Netting bigger fish is definitely a bit tricky by yourself. Something else I tried for the first time ever yesterday was a Live Stream Broadcast on Youtube of the whole trip! It started off pretty exciting, with the first hit before I could even setup the broadcast. finished the day 6 for 6, one bow, 2 shakers, a teen, and a few in between. I started off around 105fow and went deeper, found nothing, and came back to catch a few more in 105fow. The teen unfortunately bled out on the way in, and was a bit bigger than I like keeping, so I ended up taking it to Mountsberg Conservation for the Raptor Sanctuary they have there. Cool place, they were more than happy to take it. I did end up taking home a perfect size eater for myself too, had it on the smoker all afternoon and it was very tasty. I plan on broadcasting more live streams while fishing in the future, yesterday was kind of a test run. Here are some of the best clips I took from the live stream recording.
  9. https://youtu.be/wLiG4wwYM6M Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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