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  1. New to this kind of terminology. Why do you run copper? Is it for depth? How deep can you run dipseys, and do you run them on braid or wire?
  2. I also plan to fish Lake O as newbie this summer, Niagara bar to Olcott area. Some general questions on tackle and tactics. For Riggers, some one mentioned "bulking" up the line to combat fleas. Do you run braid or mono on rigger rods, and what diameter and lb. test is suggested? My inline planar board rods can double as rigger rods, or I could pick up some new ones or re-spool the reels. Currently use 12# Maxima mono on these. Or do you mean bulk up the rigger cable itself? Sounds like spoons are most common lure. What size and designs? I have a lot of regular size Michigan Stinger spoons, some scorpion size, and a pack of jumbo salmon spoons from e-bay lure lot that I have never used. Do you run any stickbaits for salmon, browns, steelhead, or lakers? I have 4 good dipsey rods with #1 Dipseys. Would these work in place of Riggers, or complement them in spread? These setups are 8" Taloras with Tekota 500lc spooled with 40lb power pro on mono backing. Is this adequate? too heavy? too light? I was looking to re-spool this spring and for Erie walleyes I don't think the line size matters too much on dipsey rods. Boat is 18'6" Lund Sport Angler with 150 Opt, 9.9 4stroke trolling motor 80lb Minkota on bow, so limited to nice weather fishing. Thanks in advance for replies. I am enjoying researching this adventure.
  3. Thanks for the picture of torpedos. What do you hook to the back eyelet? I have chamberlain and blacks releases set up on cable above the weight. For 2 rods per rigger, planned on using a stacker on the cable.
  4. I am new to using downriggers, so have been reading up as much as possible. I have 2 Cannon Mag 10HS units. Intend to use riggers in summer on Erie when walleye are deep, over toward Ashtabula and Conneaut. Hope to come to Lake O in July, probably Olcott, Niagara bar area. I tried out my riggers by Pa line, 75 fow last September, 10 lb balls down 50 ft had lot of blowback, not seen on sonar. Maybe it was current, maybe need less water resistant, heavier weight. I have looked on e-bay and various web sites. Best information I've seen is this LOU website. Thanks for all the shared information. Question: when you say "torpedo" weights, are those the fish shaped ones, or a straight cylinder? I have reviewed info on the Shark brand weights. Trying to determine one best set of weights to get that will work on Lake O and Erie. Thinking 13 or 15 lb fish shaped, if that is what you call torpedo shape.