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  1. 10 should be ok to start with ,If you are running a 6 rods first rod on right side down the prop wash at 110 ft with a 3/8 oz split shot at the 60 ft mark second rod at 120 ft and #3 rod at 130ft and then do the same on left side as for off the ball i wouldn't run more than 2 rods and i would try 80 and 100 ft more then 2 and you might end up with a big mess, not sure about lead core ,If it was me i would say don't need it for browns, alot of guys are running stick baits but the spoons i would say most are running stinger size and not the scorpion. That should get you started and just a just to what it working from there.
  2. Best spoon box????

    I like my Extra Large Spoon Box by Plano spoons dont rattle around and its easy to find the one you want.
  3. GPS sonar unit

    `I just Had the Lowrance ELITE 9 Ti installed on my boat . My bother has the 7 on his and it works well.
  4. cow bells

    Thanks Gambler
  5. cow bells I am new here ,Can anyone tell me what size treble hooks they run with spin-n-glows for lake trout Thanks in advance....