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  1. Phone # if you are saying 20$ per reel and all are in working order, I will take all of them. Phone # 8455054522 in Poughkeepsie n.y.
  2. Bob it' s march and I'm eager and ready to buy. Please give me a number where I can reach you to better this boat. Ty
  3. I've been looking for the same for about a month. Alot of them out there but have to sift through the bad ones. Good luck finding one and I will follow the post and be second in line for any you decline or deflect. As the other responder stated budget may be all the difference because these boats have doubled in price in recent years; truly rediculous. you could buy brand new package at around 20,000 but now 58,000. Used the decent ones i've found range between 10,000 and 30,000 . Once in a rare occassion a little less good luck in your search.