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  1. Second vote for 100lbs braid and 150lbs fluorocarbon tied, crimped and glued
  2. Just looking for recommendations for places to stay along the river it is unclear if I’m staying near Clayton, massena or in Ontario . Boat friendly hotels, or air bnb with docks. Any info would be appreciated Thanks- Herbs
  3. Try investing in fat az products, great for dipping rods in the water to decrease weed hookups but also when you run shallow you can easily tip the rod up high to prevent running ground. As far as rods it’s dependent on how many rods you want to run typically short rod 7ft down deep, 8”6 for next rod and longer rod for planner board. I agree with fishnchef on the tekota, and glass rods.
  4. First time fishing that lake , Fishing was tough , lots of boats out there. We hooked up early 4th cast 32 northern, then few hour drought, managed 2 more smaller pike. Had some large bass follows though. Was a nice tournament, will definitely do it again.
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