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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, hopefully we have it long enough to name it. With the high waters keeping it safe in a slip is proving to be a pain especially being 4 hours away.
  2. Check out that super tanker! Awesome catch!
  3. Floating away dock on the Oak Normally I park the boat at my inlaws but it went under water so I paid to have it docked next door at a stronger bigger dock. This morning I get a text showing me the dock that my boat is supposed to be at drifted away, lucky for me the boat was out of the water to get the impeller replaced. Looks like no slip is safe... kind of a lousy start to the season. Hopefully the lake will settle soon. Chris
  4. New Guy Hi all, Chris here from Albany area. Just started fishing Lake Ontario last year in my little 17 foot center console and by the end of the season i was so hooked I traded in and upgraded to a Thompson Fisherman 260 with all the goodies. I keep her docked in the Oak Orchard next to the public launch by the light house. I have 4 kids and my oldest 7 absolute loves fishing on the boat and the rest of the little ones have plenty of space to play. I'm still new to trolling but the captain i bought the boat from has been awesome with mentoring me on trolling and fishing Lake Ontario. Also if anyone is good with Boat names, the wife and I have been having trouble picking one. Right now we might choose "Struggle is Reel" because its always a struggle with the little ones, but if anyone is good with names please leave me some ideas. Here is a video Easter morning out of the Oak of my daughter catching a salmon. Thanks all and I hope to see you on the lake!. Chris
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