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  1. Another question about autopilot here... I've tried to read up and understand a little more about cable steer autopilot and if there is any options left. I'm completely lost when it comes to these as Ive never installed one. I have an old Simrad AP14 that came with my Penn Yan and it has since broke. The gears inside the helm stripped out and after searching everywhere possible, I can't seem to find a replacement. They just don't exist as they haven't been made in years. Other than needing the guts to the helm, or something compatible, the autopilot works fine and I'd really like to get it going again. I imagine they made quite a few of these and there are some of these helms still sitting around. Was hoping someone smarter than I could lend a bit of advice in finding one or help in how I'd get this put back together. Does Octopus make something that would be compatible to this unit? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks Bobby! Hoping to see the same competition as last year as well as see some new people come check it out. It's going to be a fun day with BBQ and some cold ones/fish talk afterwards.
  3. One of these are sold pending.. will sell the other for $50
  4. I'm not sure if they fit other penn yans or just those two but it's not hard to shorten them up a few inches either.
  5. Two upholstery pieces custom made for a Penn Yan boat. Guy made tomany and I have no use for them. Never been installed. All hardware already mounted. 82 1/2" long. Paid $325 for the pair. $100 and they're yours. 607.592.0556
  6. And I forgot.. we so much appreciated the donations last year from Josh Bellis, Mike Burt, and Brian Gambell. They went a long way as to making it a nice event. We're hoping we have some cool stuff again but running it a bit differently. We try to make it simple and as fun as possible. I've had a couple donations already for raffle prizes and wanted to make it known how much it helps. We don't make a dime off of this derby. We get to put the 25% of the main entry fees in Tom's name to something he loved to do.
  7. If we knew there was another tournament for this date we would have changed it without hesitation. The scheduling depended on everything we could think of including the availability of the sportmans club and people to help cook and work etc. I hope this doesn't take away from the Bear tournament. We're unable to reschedule this year but will most definitely reach out on here in the future to make sure we cover our bases. I tried to find any other events going on involving Cayuga Lake before the flyers were made but I didn't see anything. I hope to see all the familiar faces as well as make this tournament bigger than last year but understand the conflict. With trying to keep a Saturday in August as our derby date, it's definitely not easy. I figured we were clear as we only have a little over a month to go without any other derbies advertised.
  8. So he sits home and sleeps in while his guides make him money for a couple duck seasons
  9. I have a Great Lakes and Inland Coast Guard License and do not need a guides license to charter on federal water in NYS. I work for the bureau that controls public vessel permits and inspections
  10. His dad got busted awhile ago for filling up a cooler full of Lake Trout for clients out of season.. I hold a USCG license and charter on federal waters only. Any other bodies of water would require me to hold a NYS guides license as well.
  11. Depends where they charter.. But who gives a ****. He's a charter captain that guides with a federal license
  12. This guy would go to any length to sabotage a fellow fishing guide.. While at the same time, I'd be surprised if even one of his eight boats could pass a coast guard inspection. Same guy who thinks he's the staple of the Henderson area while fishing for Pickerel and Lake Trout during the opening week of Walleye.
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