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  1. Fuel80guy

    Tight lips

    I'm new trolling but relied heavily on Marty and Josh at Grimsby tackle.The first 2 weeks of april I trolled out of Grimsby east towards beamsvile and west towards hamilton. I was in less than 12 ft of water. In gin clear water I had the best results with 5 browns in less than an hour using copper spoons. 4 were 100 ft behind boat in prop wash and 1 on planer board. Water temps were 36 to 40 degrees. Made lots of mistakes and lost some plugs and spoons and line but enjoyed every minute of even with snow coming down sideways.
  2. Fuel80guy

    Grimsby guy

    Very new to fishing. Live in Grimsby and can see the lake from my backyard. 16ft aluminum with Yamaha f25 and 1 manual down rigger. Would appreciate any tips or tricks.