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  1. Good luck guys! Those pesky walleye will bite on something!! Just got to figure it out! Have fun.
  2. Well just got back from Dewolf Pt. Fishng on the whole was pretty good. Caught several nice LMB in Lake of the Isles on texas rigged watermelon seed worms. These were in mornings in just ft or 2 of water. Caught several SMB up to 3lbs in main river chanel edges of 30 to 60', trolling worm harnesses meant for walleye. Most of small gold blade hooks w crawlers. Got them both on Canadian side and off ABay and pts east. Caught some really nice perch in 60' (smaller fish were shallower!) on same rigs too. But sadly, NOT ONE walleye, despite trolling bottom bouncers w stickbaits, worm harnesses, and gulp leeches, thru several stacked piles of walleye in 40 to 50' just off channel. The mornings were fun, the nights? Not so much. Tried a few nights till 11pm. But after dark, mosquitoes were RELENTLESS lmao! The only place I couldn't spray was my eyes lol, and they kept flying into them. I at least brought a clear face shield to run my CC at night without having to hide behind the console. lol. All in all, weather was good and vaca was great over all. Caught enough decent fish to have fun and keep it interesting. But didn't fish last day, as my 25yr old son, dropped his thousand dollar phone in the river (near the rift) while kayaking. Spent last day with him renting dive gear (he is certified) and 2 tanks, and doing 2 two hour shifts underwater looking for it w no joy. I did manage a pike while I was watching him dive. lol. Again, another great trip to SLR!!!
  3. The cranks were deep diving bass cranks, Trolled at 3mph, was bumping bottom at 20ft on 10lb braid. I drifted worms on chanel edges at 60 to 80 ft in daytime.
  4. I was there 1st wk of Aug last year. Had a hard time in Goose bay. Did manage a largemouth and 1 pike on spinnerbaits behind the cabins. But got a bunch of smallies either drop shotting or trolling cranks off the shoals at edge of shipping channel right out front. Also picked a few LMs just upriver from Excelsior shoals. Smallies were on almost every shoal then but bit one day and not next. Year b4 (2016) we camped at Wellesley during same week and I fished mostly eel bay. Cuaght a few there, again, on spinnerbaits. Now in 2015, we were at Kring in 3rd wk of June. Water was cool like this year. Bass were still on beds in Goose and soft plastics were key. Now I am coming to Dewolfe Pt next week. So guess I will be concentrating on Bass/Pike in Lake of the Isles. Have done ok there b4. And nites and early mornings will be focusing on Walleye in main river edges. Good luck to you. Will try and post how I do.
  5. A hardcore fisherman but a SLR walleye newbie here. Was just wondering, other then say water temp, why does bight get hot in one part of river versus another? Thanks for any info. Heading up soon to SLR and trying to hone some skills for the trip.
  6. Thanks for posting. Heading up to Dewolf Pt soon for our annual TI SLR trip for a week. Have yet to catch a keeper walleye there. This despite watching big ones tracking and eyeing my bottom bounced gulp leeches (on lindy rigs) on my underwater camera at 60'. Does anyone troll stickbaits for eyes there? May give that a try this trip.
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