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  1. Last week, after taking a nice walleye or two in morning, went and played round of golf in afternoon. Was thinking, while looking at the goose hunters in front of cottage, I should've brought my shotgun. Nice job!
  2. That's awesome. Nothing better the showing family catch to cook. Tight lines.
  3. What spinfly said. TiBait store has everything fishing you need, plus ethanol free fuel. Plus, like Kevin said(I have learned a LOT by reading his posts and following his advice!), fish 30 to 40ft channel edges. Although last Sept I caught my biggest Walleye at 11am. Go figure. I still like dark hours.
  4. You guys are right on the mark, for closer to my neck of the woods. For both scup and seabass, a rod on lighter side is way more fun. 61/2 to 7ft, 8 to 12 or 15lbtest line rated will be fine. I usually use 10 to 15lb braid, but 20 is fine also. Add about 6 to 8ft of mono or flouro and you are set. Both are caught on bait on boats (clams, squid ect) BUT you will usually put largest of both species on ice w jigs, especially smaller diamond jigs w surge tube hooks. While I get called for pinhooking trips off Montauk, that is mostly all we use to put 50lbs of each species in boat as fast a possible. Slow pitch or snap jigs also work very well for larger biscuits (seabass lol).
  5. Wow. Read both versions. Have to say, THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH for helping! As fishermen, and boaters, we all need to know, the water is an unforgiving place. While I hope most of us know how to handle emergencies, I also hope, you all stop to think, what would I do if....... Being prepared is 90% of it, and not losing your head, is the other 10%, Stay calm, evaluate the situation, and render aid where possible. Once again, thank you to you both for being there. Without you, it might have turned out a lot different. Think about that! God bless and GREAT JOB!
  6. Congrats on that amazing catch. Glad you were able to release her without too much pain (I mean to your hand lol). Great read too. Tight lines.
  7. That is awesome! There is nothing better then to see smiles on a child or grandchild's face when they catch a fish. Doesn't matter what it is. Great job sir! And Congrats on a great catch.
  8. almost looks like a Cisco. But just a guess.
  9. Thanks again KJL for the always important details. Always reading and learning for me. This time while spending spring in Fla, fishing the Gulf flats. Can't wait to get back on the SLR.
  10. Congrats on a fine deer, and giving it all to find it. Just got back from a hunt in snow. Didn't have a shot close enough w my hawken, and good thing. When I went to fire it out, pop, no boom lol. Guess wet snow got in lock. Oh well. Thorough cleaning and try again next time. Congratulations again.
  11. nice job!! Can't wait to get in woods!
  12. I basically drift or power drift (w trolling motor) breaks or drop offs while bucktailing or bouncing bottom w what is VERY similar to a drop shot rig, w either gulp or bait.
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