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  1. For those (and probably only those lol ) that have a roller trailer, it is possible to get boat back on trailer. It does take time if you are alone. WAY easier if you have a partner (or a the DEC Encon officer that jumped out of his truck as soon as he stopped laughing!) to help you. Back up trailer to touch bow, hook her back up. Winch tight till boat moves up an inch or 2, back up cpl inches, winch, repeat. When bow gets in air at big angle but won't go on trailer any more, have 5 or 6 people that have now gathered round to watch(and have too stopped laughing),help pull down on bow while you winch to get boat back on. Easy peasy. ROFLMFAO. I refuse to claim 1st hand knowledge how I know this works. BTW, the FIRST thing I did when it happened, was look around to see who saw. Cool nobody. Safe. Then DEC officer pulled up. LMAO. But he really was nice and ran right down to help!
  2. With all due respect to you, but NO, its not! When you by it, you are GUESSING the merchant and ALL who touched the product and packaging have not been in contact with anyone who was positive. The cost of buying a fish may be your life. So again. nope! Go solo. Contact no one. Fish. WAY safer the buying it. Just saying.
  3. Well I am gonna be yours (devil). The hospital in my town is a big one! I have 3 friends that are nurses there. They told today they are now MAXED OUT! They cannot take one more person! And here's a number that may be nothing but, 630 people DIED in NY TODAY from Covid 19. That sir, is the information at hand. Please, do all you can, to not be a statistic. I pray this has wound down enough that my family and I can continue our summer retreat to TI
  4. 2 people from the same home do NOT have to keep social distance. Sure, to be perfect it would be a good idea. But if one person in a home gets it, OR just is positive (without ever getting sick!!), chances are all in house will also be positive in short time. Again, it is that viral. We can all keep utmost diligence. More then you have ever done in your life, because your life, and all your family's, may depend on it. Sorry to be all gloom and doom but this is what is happening!
  5. I am really saddened by a lot I have read in the above thread. I understand many are from the North country I have so loved every summer for the last 40 years. BUT, you need to be scared! This is NOT media hype! And please don't think if no travelers come, we won't get it. What about your food? Where does it come from? Who handled it? How about packages? This is that viral! I live in Suffolk county, 40 miles from NYC. There are now almost 9k cases in our county! This is NOT a "city thing!" Most are NOT sick when they are spreading this bug! I have several dear friends who are nurses at Huntington Hospital near me. They lost one of their own today to this virus! The scientists have all stopped JUST SHORT of saying this is now airborne! Truth is they are just not sure. No one is. It is too new. So PLEASE, fish by yourself or with family from JUST YOUR HOUSE. If you travel, do so without going into stores or bait shops. Bring what you need with you and remain FAR from anyone else. The 6 foot is a joke. If you are even in the same room with someone positive, who coughs or sneezes, there is a good chance you will get it. So be scared, and be safe, and fish by yourself. This way you can keep yourselves and families safe and hopefully we will all live to talk about this years from now. God bless and hope you all find big fish in the future!
  6. Nice job all!! Some great eats there! Can't wait to get down to our Fla house on Gulf w my boat!
  7. Here is a good party boat for you to try. My buddy who lives in Marathon does very well on them. http://www.fishfloridakeys.com/marathonlady/
  8. Awesome job!! Nothing better than introducing youth to hunting!!
  9. That's what it's all about!! Makes us keep coming back for more!
  10. Nice fish!! Alas I now will have to wait for spring and next fall to come back. Down on Long Island, my best fishing season of the year is about to start! Long Island Sound Blackfish (Tautog) season. This VERY hard fighting member of the Wrasse family, can seriously but a bend in a stiff spinning rod! In October they can be caught in extremely shallow water in the rocks (8' to 12'or less). Last year 50+ fish days were not uncommon keeping allowed 3. Plus best eating fish in saltwater in many opinions. Good luck to you all up in the North Country for rest of year. I will be trying to follow along closely to try and learn more and get a keeper next year. And THANKS TO ALL for all the info and help. Bill Morrison
  11. That's awesome! Tonight had fish all over screen n they just wouldnt bite. Fished near Kring and Ironsides. Not sure how I did t get a bite w screen lit up like this LMAO
  12. Btw fished to 11. No moon to speak of.
  13. Was out trolling floating stick baits off a bbncer, and one deepdiver on flatline. Worked 20' to 50' edges. Trolled upstream at .9 and drifted down at 1.3 to 1.5 (wind n current only). No takers tonight. Rain may dirty up the clear water tomorrow i fear, but cannot change weather. Back at it tomorrow. Gonna get some live bait to fill out menu.
  14. Heading up tomorrow for 6 days on Goose Bay. After my August skunk, gonna try more techniques and not let myself get hung up on any one. Plan is to troll bbs w sticks on one, and worm harness on other, flat lines w ddivers till I can hopefully find a good ledge. Then drop shot or jig, drifting over same. Also just because i find a spot were machine lights up with them, not gonna stay on non-biting fish lol, like I did in August. Tight lines to all. Will report back here.
  15. Thanks both Riggered and Pierce. At least I know I was hitting the right marks w speed and depth. But was using big motor this summer a bit, and even into the current it was just too fast (about 1.8 to 2.3mph.). But w electric I can tweak all I want. Then again had 14 x 19 wheel on . Just switched this morning to a 17". That may take .5mph (to .25) off the speed at idle(while giving me more holeshot I am looking for in freshwater). Riggered I have tried RI a couple years ago while staying on Wellesley. Marked some nice fish, but only managed a short or 2. Will give it another go next wk. Hoping water has cooled down a couple degrees from August and that should help. Will probably get another Canadian license again, in case I want to hit some spots there. Did ok on smallies right off Little Grenadier, and marked what I thought were Eyes a little deeper off ledge there in August. Do you guys find the Walleye feed shallower when water cools at night in fall? Or still target same depth's?
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