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  1. Wow. Read both versions. Have to say, THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH for helping! As fishermen, and boaters, we all need to know, the water is an unforgiving place. While I hope most of us know how to handle emergencies, I also hope, you all stop to think, what would I do if....... Being prepared is 90% of it, and not losing your head, is the other 10%, Stay calm, evaluate the situation, and render aid where possible. Once again, thank you to you both for being there. Without you, it might have turned out a lot different. Think about that! God bless and GREAT JOB!
  2. Congrats on that amazing catch. Glad you were able to release her without too much pain (I mean to your hand lol). Great read too. Tight lines.
  3. That is awesome! There is nothing better then to see smiles on a child or grandchild's face when they catch a fish. Doesn't matter what it is. Great job sir! And Congrats on a great catch.
  4. almost looks like a Cisco. But just a guess.
  5. Thanks again KJL for the always important details. Always reading and learning for me. This time while spending spring in Fla, fishing the Gulf flats. Can't wait to get back on the SLR.
  6. Congrats on a fine deer, and giving it all to find it. Just got back from a hunt in snow. Didn't have a shot close enough w my hawken, and good thing. When I went to fire it out, pop, no boom lol. Guess wet snow got in lock. Oh well. Thorough cleaning and try again next time. Congratulations again.
  7. nice job!! Can't wait to get in woods!
  8. I basically drift or power drift (w trolling motor) breaks or drop offs while bucktailing or bouncing bottom w what is VERY similar to a drop shot rig, w either gulp or bait.
  9. I am amazed at the similarities with saltwater fluke fishing!
  10. hntnfsh00

    A Fatty

    Another nice group ready for fillet. Good eats!
  11. I see it on the chart. Thanks very much! Just had to smile. Based on what you told person on "First Walleye Trip" thread, I started pouring over charts near Kring (we are staying in Goose Bay), for a piece that fits those parameters (where flats drop off to deeper channel). Piece I picked was immediately south of what you just said!! Just S of the unnamed shoal S of Whiskey I shoal. Guess I was close. Will definitely give these pieces a good try. After coming up there every summer for almost 15 yrs now, have no problem catching LM, SM, Perch and Pike(several off that unnamed shoal that I STUCK my boat on last fall! lol), walleye (other the incidental to other fishing) have eluded me. And not for lack of trying. Put quite a few nights and early mornings on river in last few years trying and learning. Thanks again for the help. I have been studying charts every day for a month already. The planning for a trip is half the fun.
  12. Thanks very much. Very good tips. Definitely going to take yours and others advice. I know some of the few spots I have fished, but am going to try different ones this time, maybe right off Kring as others have suggested. Will try running the drifts w just electronics (and mapping function on my Simrad) and lay down a few trails I can safely navigate w riggers (being aware of high spots.) Maybe will leave my ole salmon dipseys at home then, and stick to my other stuff. Thanks all so very much. Gonna work hard at learning the finer points here.
  13. What speeds do you all troll at? I am assuming troll up, controlled drift down? Thanks very much. Coming up mid Sept and am planning on putting my riggers on and bring my dipseys this year. Last few years, went only with bottom bouncers with sticks and worm harnesses, and lindy rigs w just the harnesses. Not a lot of success except on SMB.
  14. Adrenaline junkies. But that could've turned bad real fast. We always should be respectful of weather, especially on the water, where it is not forgiving.
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