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  1. nice job!! Can't wait to get in woods!
  2. I basically drift or power drift (w trolling motor) breaks or drop offs while bucktailing or bouncing bottom w what is VERY similar to a drop shot rig, w either gulp or bait.
  3. I am amazed at the similarities with saltwater fluke fishing!
  4. hntnfsh00

    A Fatty

    Another nice group ready for fillet. Good eats!
  5. I see it on the chart. Thanks very much! Just had to smile. Based on what you told person on "First Walleye Trip" thread, I started pouring over charts near Kring (we are staying in Goose Bay), for a piece that fits those parameters (where flats drop off to deeper channel). Piece I picked was immediately south of what you just said!! Just S of the unnamed shoal S of Whiskey I shoal. Guess I was close. Will definitely give these pieces a good try. After coming up there every summer for almost 15 yrs now, have no problem catching LM, SM, Perch and Pike(several off that unnamed shoal that I STUCK my boat on last fall! lol), walleye (other the incidental to other fishing) have eluded me. And not for lack of trying. Put quite a few nights and early mornings on river in last few years trying and learning. Thanks again for the help. I have been studying charts every day for a month already. The planning for a trip is half the fun.
  6. Thanks very much. Very good tips. Definitely going to take yours and others advice. I know some of the few spots I have fished, but am going to try different ones this time, maybe right off Kring as others have suggested. Will try running the drifts w just electronics (and mapping function on my Simrad) and lay down a few trails I can safely navigate w riggers (being aware of high spots.) Maybe will leave my ole salmon dipseys at home then, and stick to my other stuff. Thanks all so very much. Gonna work hard at learning the finer points here.
  7. What speeds do you all troll at? I am assuming troll up, controlled drift down? Thanks very much. Coming up mid Sept and am planning on putting my riggers on and bring my dipseys this year. Last few years, went only with bottom bouncers with sticks and worm harnesses, and lindy rigs w just the harnesses. Not a lot of success except on SMB.
  8. Adrenaline junkies. But that could've turned bad real fast. We always should be respectful of weather, especially on the water, where it is not forgiving.
  9. Waterspouts are dangerous in that they can change direction and move quite quickly. BUT the wind field in VERY tight, meaning that only 100 yds away you may not even feel a breeze. That being said, again, they can change direction and head right for you lol. They are quite common down south in summer and with warmer water. Up here they are apparently less powerful, but should be avoided while on the water lol.
  10. I had my little 16' Palm Beach CC a few miles out in Gulf one June a few years back. Saw a funny looking "boat" on water a few hundred yds behind us. My buddy said just keep fishing. A few seconds later, the "boat" (actually the bottom of a water spout that hadn't spun up enough water yet) rose 1500 feet up. (The Weather Channel later confirmed lol). Yelled at my buddy to haul anchor fast! Lmao as he pulled anchor over bow I put the throttle to the console!! Almost threw him over as he went from bow to stern in a second! As we took off single water spout became 3 and you could hear them as they closed! Funniest part was as we were FLYING BY a bigger anchored boat w family fishing, Capt threw his hands up at me like wtf? I just pointed behind us. Was hysterical to watch them all start running around boat to evacuate area LMAO. Got back to dock and house and turned on weather channel to see Bill Kinealy reporting a HUGE water spout spotted just off Hudson Beach Fla. My buddy and I were like WE KNOW!
  11. For those (and probably only those lol ) that have a roller trailer, it is possible to get boat back on trailer. It does take time if you are alone. WAY easier if you have a partner (or a the DEC Encon officer that jumped out of his truck as soon as he stopped laughing!) to help you. Back up trailer to touch bow, hook her back up. Winch tight till boat moves up an inch or 2, back up cpl inches, winch, repeat. When bow gets in air at big angle but won't go on trailer any more, have 5 or 6 people that have now gathered round to watch(and have too stopped laughing),help pull down on bow while you winch to get boat back on. Easy peasy. ROFLMFAO. I refuse to claim 1st hand knowledge how I know this works. BTW, the FIRST thing I did when it happened, was look around to see who saw. Cool nobody. Safe. Then DEC officer pulled up. LMAO. But he really was nice and ran right down to help!
  12. With all due respect to you, but NO, its not! When you by it, you are GUESSING the merchant and ALL who touched the product and packaging have not been in contact with anyone who was positive. The cost of buying a fish may be your life. So again. nope! Go solo. Contact no one. Fish. WAY safer the buying it. Just saying.
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