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  1. The boards still pull like a mule, I’ve drilled a few new holes to try just haven’t had a chance to get back out on the water on a calm day to see if it’s going to make a difference. I’ve also heard of adding some weight to the back edge to make them run a little truer. Might try that if the new holes don’t work.
  2. I run the spectra line the Amish boards came with, the line dosnt hit the water where they’re mounted currently. I’ve thought about adding a mast to the front of the boat to move it forward about 6’ and up in height about 3’. I might try moving the eye bolts on the board back first though before spending more money on a mast.
  3. I’m currently pulling a set of Amish outfitter boards off of traxstech reels mounted on the front poles of my t-top. I’m running into the issue of the boards wanting to lag behind and back. They’re still fishable but won’t go as wide as I’d like. Any tips to make them run better and not want to fall back so much?
  4. I run my boat with a sea star hydraulic set up that way with no problems. The weight of the kicker motor when it’s linked up has no affect on my steering.
  5. Weight is a factor I’ll have to consider, I’ve tried looking up a max weight rating for that transom and couldn’t come up with much. I might have to contact proline and see if they still have records going back that far. I know the current engine is around the 450 mark and I’m also currently running a 9.9 Mercury on the transom as well and that’s about 100 with the bracket. That would probably have to come off to help accommodate the extra weight.
  6. I dock in dexter, abay is fairly close and there’s a marina there for just about every motor under the sun so dealer service isn’t much of a worry. I’d do all the general maintenance I can but I’m sure there are some required service intervals they’d like you to fallow that would require a trip to a marina.
  7. The time has unfortunately come that my old evinrude is down for the count. I’ve looked into getting it repaired and for the amount that it would cost as well as the hours on it I’m going to just retire it. I’m now open to options of what to replace it with. The motor coming off now is a 1996 evinrude 225 oceanpro sitting on the back of a 1995 proline sportsman 240. I’m looking at going to a four stroke the same size or larger as the boats rated for up to a 300. From what I’ve read so far I’m leaning towards a Suzuki 300 but not dead set on anything yet. I’m curious as to what other people have repowered with or currently running and what they like and don’t like about their engines.
  8. Was out Thursday fleas were pretty heavy. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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