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  1. Does the price include shipping ? if not, what is cost to ship to Western Massachusetts? Thanks, Jack
  2. wHAT IS THE MODEL # ? wHAT IS THE UP AND DOWN TRAVEL - 10" OR 15" ? Thanks , Jack
  3. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    updated pics added
  4. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    Not enough use to justify the expense of the slip at the marina and the 500 mile round trip, often solo. I also own a 1999 Starcraft Superfisherman 196 which I use to fish Lake Champlain occasionally and Quabbin Resevoir on a regular basis. I enjoy fishing lake "O" and will probably make an occasional trip with the Starcraft.
  5. Thanks , rolmops You list several that i wasn't aware of. I'll get busy. Jack
  6. Thanks, rolmops I've contacted several that I found on the internet without success. Will continue to look. Jack
  7. Thanks thork9, I've spent a lot of time on the internet with much the same result. The side vent windows are the principal problem - Port side broke and gaskets for both sides are shot. if I can't find the parts , I may simply follow your advice and simply install them as non-opening. Thanks again, Jack