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  1. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    Steve, Sorry for the delay in responding. Floor is new vinyl ( Nautolex) Stringers are all aluminum Transom is solid Riggers,kicker motor, and all electronics are included in the price. Jack
  2. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    Four years ago I had the carborater and fuel lines replaced. No major work needed since I've owned it. Previous owner had motor rebuilt about ten years ago. The out drive has had the water pump and hoses replaced three years ago. The motor is a Merc 140 which is actually a four cylinder Chevrolet four cylinder chevrolet engine- very simple maintanance - plugs, points & condenser.The out drive has much the same needs an an outboard with respect to lubrication. It is also important to visually check for cracks in the hoses on a periodic basis. What I like best about this size I/O is that it will run smoothly at 550-600 RPM which allows me to troll anywhere from 1.75 to 2.5 mph without the hassel of drift bags and stiil do 30-35 mph when you want. Hope this helps. Jack
  3. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    No objections. Just need to make an appointment. The boat is located in my garage at my home in Western Mass.
  4. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

  6. Does the price include shipping ? if not, what is cost to ship to Western Massachusetts? Thanks, Jack
  7. wHAT IS THE MODEL # ? wHAT IS THE UP AND DOWN TRAVEL - 10" OR 15" ? Thanks , Jack
  8. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    updated pics added
  9. for sale : usa Sylvan Offshore 22

    Not enough use to justify the expense of the slip at the marina and the 500 mile round trip, often solo. I also own a 1999 Starcraft Superfisherman 196 which I use to fish Lake Champlain occasionally and Quabbin Resevoir on a regular basis. I enjoy fishing lake "O" and will probably make an occasional trip with the Starcraft.