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  1. I’m heading up Tuesday Or wensday I guess there still bitting
  2. Hey guys heading back out to Lake Ontario for some salmon fishing again probly Tuesday can anyone tell me if there bitting i got skunked last time 😒
  3. Well that’s fishing eh it won’t stop me from coming back but heading out to South Bay mouth Monday to try for some salmon
  4. Well I got skunked today at bluffers I tired everything I had even did the fish dance but it was a beautiful day with my Twitter so boys Gona do it again in late July
  5. Decided to head out for salmon with my two boys Gona head to bluffer park marina and dock there can anyone tell me the forecast for wave and if there bitting I’m coming from Sudbury
  6. Yea lots of action till about noon then shut down
  7. Here a pic from this morning of my kid brother first salmon
  8. When I hit about 80 feet I dropped the balls and turned toward some kind of factory on the right and when I hit about 95 feet we lost one at boat right away and minutes later we got double hitter and they stop after and we got 3 one down to 115 feet in front of that factory
  9. Watermelon and we were getting hits on orange crush it was beautiful day until I left the 400 was jammed up for awhile but I will returne end of July
  10. Just got back caught 3 and missed a bunch biggest one 8lbs went to port credit Mississauga all in 90 to 115 water ball set to 45 to 65 feet watermelon was the hit today
  11. Thanks man looks like the weather is Gona work out good 30 degrees and sun should be a good day should be on water by 7 am
  12. The hell with it I'm heading there in the morning I'll let you no how I did
  13. Good day all new to the site and new to salmon fishing I've fished a few times now on Lake Huron last summer and caught some but there hard to catch and would like to try out Lake Ontario I've been watching fish full thinking with Charlie and he seems to do good in st cathrines early spring but my question is there other spots closer to Sudbury on Lake Ontario to fish as I am interested in making plans for June 9 or should I wait for July or August any info would be great thanks Derek
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