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  1. Somethingnew, I live about 15 minutes from Canandaigua lake but fish Ontario. Just a suggestion but how about we trade trips? I can take you on Ontario for Salmon you take me for Rainbows and browns on Canandaigua.
  2. If your set up to fish Canandaigua, I assume you may already have enough equipment. Lake O fish are much stronger so set your drags accordingly. Just a starting point and you may get several differing comments, but this is a simple set up. Have reels with at least 300yards 30lb test Two riggers, F/F , light color flies white flashers have worked best for me at this time. 1-2 Divers off each side, again I prefer F/F If you wanted to run spoons, cheaters on riggers If your not set up or familiar with meat rigs, stay with F/F and Spoons Look for 52-58° temp if you have equipment. You can also see where other boats are fishing and fish the same depth. MOST IMPORTANT, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO OTHER BOATS, IF YOU CAN SEE PEOPLE YOU ARE TOOOO CLOSE. Some boats will have coppers and rigs that are 400-500' out. Fish temp and marks, 2.0-2-5 MPH, you may try slower and faster till you get bit. repeat, repeat..... Get more gear to depth of you first bite. Have a great day!
  3. Sorry to hear about some **** stealing you gear. Divers work just fine and most times better, if you have some give them a try. if you don't I suggest Chinook Divers, they are awesome.
  4. If you target Browns, it may be a good idea......but you may get in Kings.
  5. 2.5-2.7 seemed to work fine. My rigs all had 30lb mono leaders so line size and temp didn't mater that day. Happy Fishing!
  6. Planed on going deep but weather made me check out action in close where I saw a few boats in the distance. Did very well today in 30-50 FOW, all Browns. All setups took fish, riggers set at 25' and 30', Divers took fish, all spoons, mag size but today colors didn't matter. Temp was mid 50's to mid 60's.
  7. Recently was very happy with the arrival of my new Lowrance Carbon and Autopilot w/remote. Installation was straight forward though instructions are poor. After several days of phone calls and many, many hours, unit still will not operate properly. The first line tech support is strictly for extremely easy problems. Any significant problems are passed off to senior tech support and all of these people were very knowledgeable and helpful to a point... They are willing to email procedures on start up and commissioning (which should be included with product) but will not wait for you to complete the set up, Even though I have waited for them 20-30 minutes for them to be available. Two of the problems were 2 significant updates that where never loaded but unit was sent out. Leaving me to download, unzip (the unzipping required another program to download) After all that I got support that verified the updates were installed correctly, and again he was done. Unit still not operating and still waiting for my last call to be answered. I'm sure few do work out of the box, but not this one. Buyer Beware
  8. Unit is Elite-7 HDI, the transducer is not the side scan but has Down scan. Transmit power is 250W RMS. Also have the Operation Manual
  9. I'm in NY about 20 miles south of Rochester.
  10. If your interested in used, I have a Lowrance Elite-7 HDI for sale. I just ordered the Lowrance Carbon and should have it by next week. Would sell the Elite-7 with transducer, mount, and power cord for $200. I can hook it up to battery and show functions but it operates just like the 5
  11. Going with the new Lowrance Carbon, according to the web site, it's the 5th gen. Here is a cut and paste in there words, from the site. HDS Carbon is actually the fifth version of the popular HDS-series. Before it came HDS Gen 1, HDS Gen 2, HDS Gen 2 Touch and HDS Gen 3. HDS Gen 2 Touch marked a new area of how Lowrance run their model-updates, since it was released shortly after HDS Gen 2 and the two lived alongside each other for a year before HDS Gen 3 came. Again HDS Gen 2 Touch was kept alive alongside HDS Gen 3, and we will now probably see this pattern repeated with HDS Gen 3 living on for another year or so alongside HDS Carbon.
  12. Thanks for the reply's, I decide to update my graph and go with the Lowrance unit.
  13. I have a few questions. Can you control it remotely? Can you over steer to make manual steering corrections?
  14. Can't seem to find the video, do you have any pictures?
  15. Did the Lawrence autopilot come with all the hydraulic hoses? Any difficulty installing the unit?
  16. Older Lowrance, the autopilot they have requires the new Gen-3
  17. I'm looking to add Autopilot to my 18' boat but have not found much helpful info. My boat is 18' O/B with Hydraulic steering. Don't need all the bells and whistles, just something to hold course and be nice to make heading changes with remote. Appreciate any info.
  18. If I had the choice, I wouldn't use the 6'6" MH rods. They don't have much forgiveness when a screamer is stripping line. And if you have Flasher, Diver, and meat rig or spoon, it puts a tremendous strain on things. It's a perfect anchor for the fish to rip the hook out.
  19. I had divers at 40,50,55,60' riggers at 60 &70. Fish came off divers at 50 & 60 deep. I noticed what seemed like a thermal bar in around 85' if I went shallower the temp on my Fish Hawk would jump from low 50's to mid 60's That normally happens much sooner from my experience. Worked very hard for fish, hope to hear how guys did out deep.
  20. Found good temp at 60' in 100 fow. Fished in 80 to 120 fow, marked a few fish went 3 for 4, all spoons. Nothing on meat and FF, Fleas not a problem.
  21. I have been very lucky keeping on the kings...... till today. Fished for 3 hours and nothing, Riggers, Divers, Wire, Spoons, FF, did not try meat. No marks and fished 100 to 200 fow, covered from 40' - 80'. Weather may have shut down the bite, Friday should be a better day. Not much help but may save you some time. Good Fishing!
  22. Left Irondequoit bay at 3pm, motored out to 150 fow fished to 200 heading North West. 4 Chinook divers set at 40, 50, 60,70 2 for three, action was 50 & 60 down. Wind came up and headed in.
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