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  1. I’m looking for at least a 100lb pyramid weight with the chains and mooring ball please pm me if anyone has one they wanna sell thanks!
  2. Do u have a gps shot of the lot or could I get coordinates?
  3. So thankful to get out tonight,went 2/3 from 530-830pm went straight out to 200 and put a 4 rod spread out,flasher fly and spoons down 65-75ft on the riggers.one fish on southern troll and the other two north.all 3 were 20+,lost the first one on a foul net.all n all a great evening run out of the mighty oak!
  4. Saturday at 5 should work fine I can send u a message when I pull in thanks!
  5. Ok yea that sounds good I will be around I’m 10 mins from the marina could probably just meet there if you wanted what time are you thinking?
  6. Thank you chinook! very good information.learning so much faster from everyone on here.thanks so much!
  7. Sort of on this topic but is quessing downspeed by blowback possible or do currents play a bigger part?If so would running heavier balls bring my down speed closer to top speed?
  8. Thanks guys ended up with two teen kings both at 160fow. One on the rigger at 50 the other on wire dipsey back 150.both on purple/black patterns
  9. Hey all,I’m heading out of the oak again this afternoon and am looking for some depth advice on browns and King’s recently.still have to muster up the money for down temp n speed..last couple trips were pretty lackluster..thanks!
  10. I live in Kendall on ridge rd are you saying you would deliver for 100 each still?
  11. We’re out in 330 right now just wondering if anybody has had any luck out this deep?
  12. I am looking for any mooring weights available.going to be moving it from time to time would prefer 2-100lb
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