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  1. I’ve tried them all bud idk chamberlain’s seem to make the most sense and work the best for us been doing well out of the oak all year Cody
  2. We went out of the oak last night went straight out to 400fow and fished 4divers and 2 riggers with fixed cheaters.found 48deg. down 70ish.350-400 was best water for us all west of the mouth.went 5/9 everything fired though,divers out 150-200.riggers 70 n up 2.7mph at the ball seemed to be where they liked it.awesome evening to be out after that little blip passed through..
  3. I am interested in all 4.how’s the condition do u have any pics?I can pick them up tomorrow if that works for you.
  4. The other day we had the best action in 200-250fow 70-100 down was a spotty temp break..raspberry carbon was on
  5. Do you have any pics of the boat?
  6. Launched at 6:30pm and pulled out a little after 8.just ran 2 rods 1 loin coin on a rigger and green and black shallow diving challenger off of a board.managed one descent brown off the break wall in 20fow.she had a huge lamprey wound.Maiden voyage for the year.felt great to be back out there!earliest I’ve ever been out and first time for browns.
  7. Where are you located?I would take 4 of them.
  8. Is this still available ?if so have you had the repairs done yet?
  9. Have had this old timer told me to spray it on my waxworms for perch.used to pound them under the twin bridges on the oak on the ice.just a dash and they couldn’t resist. i was only 9 at the time
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