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  1. Is this still available ?if so have you had the repairs done yet?
  2. Have had this old timer told me to spray it on my waxworms for perch.used to pound them under the twin bridges on the oak on the ice.just a dash and they couldn’t resist. i was only 9 at the time
  3. X2 in the bungee cord will definitely do the trick I love it!!
  4. All good,it actually works pretty well in 1-2ft waves...yesterday was a challenge the boat needed to be counter steered.we were still doing circles with the bigger ones.i have a 22.5 Crestliner Nordic g/l Sabre and she’s light.first time I had ever have water come over the boat last night..besides that I love useing some type of spreader on The wheel
  5. It’s an Irwin quick clamp and u just flip the one end around to make it spread out.ill spread it between the dash and the bottom of the wheel.here is a pic of one
  6. Thanks.It’s more of a standard to put a price than not too..I could see if the boat was six figures or more...
  7. We weren’t sure about the weather but the radar looked promising and gambled anyway.630-9pm tonight.running 2 stacked riggers we fished from 130-160fow Going from north west to southeast troll (only ways allowed😅)found 48deg. Down 45 on the riggers,2-2.5mph at the ball.Two man crew and a spreader clamp on the wheel as our auto pilot.1double,one triple,5/13 on the night.they hit everything we thru at them blue and green flasher flys,Ohio Buckeyes,u name it they wanted it.first fish we hooked was the biggest of the night I’d say peeling 300ft of line then popping..2 matures,2 nice steelhead and 1 juvenile landed.23.5lbs being our big fish of the night.very thankful to get out tonight on the mighty O
  8. How are the waves out there?Are they building?looking to head out around 4
  9. Came off the break wall at 5pm tonight. We worked from 160-260fow the whole evening.most of the bait,marks and fish came in 170-190.5/7 on the night 3 descent steel,one coho and a king.all spoon bight.greens n blues on the stacked riggers Set at 60-70 ft..lost a ball,fish hawk and two releases at the start then broke a pair of bubba pliers(garbage)right in half.. 🤮but still a beautiful night and thankful to be out fishing on the the mighty O!
  10. Out of sandy now in 185 nothing yet will report soon on Chanel 72 if anyone wants to work together
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