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  1. That’s what I was thinking chowder hopefully I’m wrong I’m dying to get out and this weekend is my window..
  2. Horrible day for me out of the oak 3 knockoffs in 3-400fow lots of bait inside swing and a miss for today..
  3. We launched from the black north around 5 last night and was still calm out...shot right out to 300fow dropped lines and headed north as soon as my wire dipsey hit 200 it was violently smashed.my buddy fought him for 15 mins then we lost him at the back of the boat after he made a direct shot for the port side rigger and snapped right off.nice size fish and his first ever!re set the riggers and dipsey again as soon as it hit 200 fired immediately!he was able to reel in this little guy we put back to its home.by this time we were getting tossed like rag dolls and he got sick.coast guard pulled within 50yards and said hello as well.very short run but was happy to be out!hits came in 350fow on green spindoctor with green fly
  4. Hey all I’m taking my cousin and his buddy out for an evening run,I heard she flipped? any advice for the inside or should I try to shoot deep?its been a struggle for me with all this north east,was hoping for some better results with this south wind thankyou for any help.
  5. Does anybody know if sandy launch is open? have to head that way for gas..Arby’s doesn’t open till 8.. going to start inside will post later.
  6. Thanks guys I’m like a sponge soaking up information!very helpful thankyou.
  7. Called and left u a message with my number extremely interested
  8. Headed out for another run last night and found a good temp break at 60fow50deg at 70ft in 105fow.(finally have a fishhawk,TD only) but will work for now..was rough out there for my boat just worked 100-150fow.with lots of bait and a few marks in 110-130fow.only 1 hookup on a purple ladder back spoon for us,didn’t even get a look at what it was.was east of the oak.had a great time! even with the skunk..
  9. Yea cold cold water I was getting 51 degrees on top in 150fow last night and slowly trickled to 41degrees 75 ft down set up at 530pm and pulled everything in 10minutes.that storm came up on us quicker then I thought just pulled back up to the dock when we saw the first lightning strike..got outta there quick..
  10. 42lbs?....idk looks more like 30-35 to me or like sitepro said bionic hands and 6’5
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