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  1. Do the simple things first like all the filters and tune up. If your still having problems you might want to replace the small mesh filter in the carb. The older Rochester carbs had them and are a potential culprit.
  2. knot fishing


    I had the same problem last year with crazy temp swings. I did the lightbulb thing for a week. Worried about sparks so I bought a cheap heating pad at Walmart. Works great and I think it is the safest way to protect the engine. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I will be fishing on and off Sat -Wed depending on weather. Boat name is Baby G out of Henderson and I'll also be on channel 68 if needed. My plan is to fish the trench area and see how things go from there.
  4. Fished there last Sunday morning. Hooked up one King but he threw the spoon. That was the only rod that moved. Most fish were still past Stony Lighthouse in the main lake. I'm new to fishing up here and was spoiled by south shore action this spring. Most guys around camp have said that most of the fishing in Henderson area has been slowwwww..... But one ideal weather pattern for a week could all change that. Hoping to get a program figured out by next week.
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