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  1. I installed a GSM security system (operates by cellular) on our boat. It has sensors on the mooring cover and cabin doors along with water sensors set between primary and backup bilge levels. I did not install any motion detectors. The alarm will go off if the mooring cover or any doors are opened. It notifies me by text of anything that goes on including shorepower loss and reconnect. I can remotely access it to listen and/or use it as an intercom if needed. There's a small red flashing LED that sits in the dash and is bright enough to glow the interior and be visible from outside.... it's unmistakably a security system. Cheap and easy to do! It won't stop anyone but neither will locks..... it just makes it a "MUCH less inviting" boat in the marina.....
  2. Not to hijack a thread... My wife and I are well-seasoned Lake Erie walleye anglers (we dock in Vermilion Ohio) and hope to enjoy some successful fishing in Ontario....We have chartered out of Olcott several times/years (learning as much as possible) and are bringing our 25' Sea Ray for the first time 8/18 through 8/31... staying at Four Mile and likely launching out of Wilson. We are pretty well geared and have added a fish hawk/electric riggers/etc..... Mind a couple of questions? I'm assuming you are referring to 375-420FOW? How far offshore or ballpark coordinates? Is there a VHF channel that locals use out of that area for chatter/reports? Anything/anywhere to target or avoid in particular in the area? I haven't brought up our Lowrance/Navonics charts yet to study.... just looking for some hints/pointers/suggestions.... Thanks!
  3. Hello LOU from Ohio! My wife and I have chartered out of Olcott numerous times/years successfully for kings, coho, and steel (and hopefully learned a few things along the way as far as gear/techniques ) we will be bringing our boat for the first time this year. We will be spending a couple weeks at Four Mile Creek Campground and most likely launching out of Wilson. We are well-seasoned Lake Erie boaters/anglers, and believe I have a decent setup/gear for Ontario (fish hawk, electric downriggers, wire, Magnum dipseys, flashers, spin doctors, atomik, etc). but could always use suggestions! I also have a couple of questions if y'all could take pity on us poor Ohioians.... When chartering previously, I noticed that none of the Skippers had any VHF channel on except 16..... Is there a common public VHF freq/channel that is used in the area (i.e. fishermen in Cleveland use 68 and western basin Erie use 79)? Are there any areas/coordinates to target or avoid specifically in that area? Thanks in advance for any help!!
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