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  1. Awesome! I'm usually out in the mornings. I only live half a mile away. I'm jordan - cant miss me, I'm 6 1/2 feet tall haha! Sent from my SM-G955U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Lol, did you see somewhere there with that? The guys I saw pulling them in had medium weight rods, and just a spawn sac on maybe a no. 1 hook.
  3. They're definitely up in the Niagara in full force now. I showed up this morning to the platform, but only stayed for about 30 minutes because of the heavy rain that followed. Guys were pulling kings left and right off of the platform, especially at the bottom of the stairs when you first descend. You'll have to get there early to get in on it.
  4. So I just moved to Rochester (in Charlotte, can walk to Charlotte pier from my apartment) from Troy, NY and wanted to know if there's any other locals that wanted to get together to fish the pier, or other tribs in the area. I work from home/travel, and the friends I do have out here don't fish.. so I figured I'd look for fishing buddies here, since everyone seems to be very friendly & knowledgeable. I typically go out at least 3-4 times a week, and I'm just hitting spots that I'm finding via Google, or other forums/youtube. Shoot me a PM if you want to meet up somewhere to throw lines.
  5. Good to see this. You don't see this kindness back home on Lake George or Schroon.
  6. Have you hit anything at seth green yet? was thinking of going down that way from shore saturday morning.
  7. Hoping they fly up the creek soon.. Needs to cool down first.
  8. Hey all, Just moved to Rochester (Charlotte neighborhood, right next to the lake!) from Troy NY. Perfect timing too, since everything is going to start spawning in a few weeks. Haven't fished any tributaries here before, but I just picked up a 9' Fenwick rod to float fish some of the rivers that come off the lake. I joined up here to learn about different techniques and methods. I'm fortunate enough that I work from home/travel around Central & Western NY throughout the week, so I get a chance to hit up any trib. See you around the forum!
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