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  1. Just to keep the topic rolling, why not two motors ,two 40's or 45's one for trolling two for running.
  2. The MNRF officer who checked us, has a group that have hunted together for 5 years without success yet.
  3. yes I'm very Canadian.
  4. I will send pic when my boys send me some.
  5. Fall Moose hunt with my three sons and a nephew netted a bull moose with a bow, near Fort Frances ON. Bow hunting Moose with a bow is a challenge. If my boys forward some pictures I'll try and add them latter.
  6. I've been fishing on the Georgian Bay out of Owen Sound and having the same luck you are having.
  7. Thanks dbitting, I have always taken a strait edge along the bottom of the boat and set parallel, I see yor way is better.
  8. Yes, I've been in self house arrest for all 6 weeks now and cabin fever is becoming a reality.I can not see spacing at a ramp being a problem and there is lots o room on the Lake.
  9. The MNRF says that fishing seasons have not changed by the launch rapes and lake side parks are closed.I ;m not ready to launch, but that could change quite quickly with a launch ramp and a sunny day I'm a fair weather fisherman..
  10. The report I received yesterday is that the boat launches are closed as far north as Perry Sound. No mention of them opening anytime soon. It sounds like it a young fellow that could carry a kayak might be able to launch off private property. I have 8 pages of closed ramps.
  11. I would tip it over and count the pours under it chin. Pike and Muskies have a different number of pours I don't catch nice fish like that so you will have to check a fish book to find the number of each.
  12. Nice fish Joe you must be good with the net. Stay in practice,
  13. My Garmin echomap 50dv went the way of the dodo bird as well. I stupidly bought another Garmin I hpe it lasts a little longer then the first one.
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