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  1. Best kept secrets in Canada, what launch rapes are open and can you use them.
  2. GBalls, I forgot to add it does not matter what lures you have in the tackle box if you have a hammered williams in the water, 1/2 half silver other half gold.
  3. When the weather is fit and you have time is the time to go fishing. A friend used to fish down 37-1/2 ft. in any depth of water and did alright. The secret to fishing is have fun. Just saying
  4. This is getting a little sickening when the provincial government brings in 30,000 students from around the world and tells us locals to stay at home.
  5. Bad dog

    Sold / Closed Bad Dog Snowmobile for sale

    Wrinklestar, I'am sorry I sold it Yesterday.
  6. Bad dog

    Sold / Closed Bad Dog Snowmobile for sale

    My I delete the add for the snowmobile as it is sold.
  7. Tags, all of Ontario got their politicians under the same dust bin, sorry for our luck.
  8. Bad dog

    Sold / Closed Bad Dog Snowmobile for sale

    I have a 2004 Yamaha Venture snow mobile for sale. It has 2 up seat headed grips, studded track and good to excellent carbides. It is a 500cc air cooled twin with 6000 KM. I have 3 pictures that I will try to attach. Reason for selling is that I've got to old to enjoy. Asking $4,000 or best offer. Located at Grand Valley ON. Telephone 519-928-5253
  9. Followed The Waves, thank you I watched the video. A person can always learn things from a well made video.
  10. Thanks Fallow the Waves, I have been looking at a helix 5 this could tip the scale.
  11. Fishstix, I might of known that there would be some a h's on this sight. I've have made figure 8 knots longer than most of the members have been alive. On a hay fork trip or a plow, or a cultivator trip you would take the rope strait through the eye and tie the figure eight on the back side of the eye and when tight bring it up to the eye .It would make a bigger knot than a over hand knot and wouldn't pull through the eye. I would still like to know were the eye would be in fishing. Thank You
  12. I'm a bit stupid but were is the eye of the swivel.
  13. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  14. I can see the thermocline but some of the other things I'm not sure about. I do know that a good picture does not make the fish bite.
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