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  1. Looks like you saved 4 or 5 fawns there. Good work.
  2. jkalailieff, That is right, even though it has been proven that all wolves in Ontario are a mixture of wolf , coyote and domestics dogs. We in Canada protect them because it is the right thing to do.
  3. Blondes do some of their best work lying down..
  4. A good looking coyote, they look better dead.
  5. jkalailieff When you see an old retirement age beaver trying to stay alive eating pine and spruce branches you know there is something wrong with the eco system.
  6. keep the numbers down if you can, every fawn the eat is one less to harvest.
  7. I think bait piles and night shooting would be good in Canada, but our government says it will take care of us, we will shorten the season and lower the bag limit. My first moose licensed was for cow calf or bull, and my hunting buddies had the same. Now I hunt in a party of six and if we get a tag we are lucky and we hunt with bows.
  8. I used to love to run dogs, spent more time running racoons than coyotes but liked both.
  9. Add feral cats and skunks and you've hit it on the head.
  10. No problem we have no small game for small predators.
  11. I Ontario we have very few road kills for a bait pile. The Jack rabbits are scarce ,wild turkey numbers are down and deer numbers are down. I had nice den of foxes which my dog played with and mice killed the foxes and would have killed my dog if I hadn't got him to a vet in time . I believe it was tape worm. Coyotes are killers and need to be thinned out in Ontario.
  12. You are getting to many foxes and not enough coyotes.
  13. I have used it in Lake Ontario, what a fun way to catch a fish . Another name for it is a knuckle buster. No drag just direct drive just the fish pulling one way and you pulling the other if your hand slips off the handles they spin very fast.
  14. Big John does not have dealers in Canada any more so you have to get parts from the USA eather by atrip across or order them online or from an American catalog.
  15. That is the kind of a day fishing for the history books or good memories.
  16. I don't know much about that end of Lake Ontario. Lake Erie this time of year you go out into 65 ft. of water close to the USA and Canadian border. fish the down riggers around 30 ft. repillin red fines is a good bait on a long lead 50-100 ft back and long lines with a deep diving imitation fish. I fished some out of Erieau or Rondeau park.
  17. I was off Port Credit Yesterday, but I was in some bumpy water , my luck was not good. A good day is worth the Gravol.
  18. Best kept secrets in Canada, what launch rapes are open and can you use them.
  19. GBalls, I forgot to add it does not matter what lures you have in the tackle box if you have a hammered williams in the water, 1/2 half silver other half gold.
  20. When the weather is fit and you have time is the time to go fishing. A friend used to fish down 37-1/2 ft. in any depth of water and did alright. The secret to fishing is have fun. Just saying
  21. This is getting a little sickening when the provincial government brings in 30,000 students from around the world and tells us locals to stay at home.
  22. Bad dog

    Sold / Closed Bad Dog Snowmobile for sale

    Wrinklestar, I'am sorry I sold it Yesterday.
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