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  1. I had a 26’ Wellcraft we decided to reposed it I checked with 3 dealers and the quotes were from $13000 to $14500 then I heard of a place in Massachusetts Russell Marine I called and their price was $12500 and they picked the boat up and delivered it back for $250. They kept it for the winter so I had free winter storage They did a great job
  2. Resident boater

    Sampson State Park photo update

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  3. Resident boater

    Sampson State Park photo update

    I guess at this point anything is an improvement as a boater that lives on my boat most of the summer I have seen a major decline in the infrastructure of the marina the state hasn’t put a dime in the marina for at least 15 years. So I am very grateful that some one is saving the marina I just hope when the are done with renovations and it is a private marina they will give us the same courtesy as the people who rent the cabins. They have signs stating registered cabin renters only so you can’t walk near them. If you are in a boat you have people walking up the dock u rent and either cloning on your boat or peeking in the windows. There is no privacy. We are told it is a public marina My hope is that when completed we can also have privacy on the dock we rent. Posting signs does no good with out someone enforcing it and consequences.