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  1. Repowering my 2 stroke to 4 stroke and have 40 -50 gals of oil mixed non ethanol gas to get out of my boat in Cicero. Anyone want it? come take it out .
  2. Has this been sold? I maybe the original owner of this rampage, purchased in 86 or 87 and sold at Navy Point marina in 88 or 89.
  3. I'm getting close to picking an engine. Four options....115 4 stroke merc or yamaha. 115 etec-1 2stroke, and even a 100hp 4 stroke honda. If you look at displacement on these the 90 hp is the same as the 115. Yamaha, merc 90 look like same engine for 115 and 90, confusing. I had a 1992 120hp force that worked fine for trolling and 20mph at 4000rpm for short runs out of owsego. Also, the oil injection for etec seems to finally perfected, unless I hear any new comments. I like the etec no break-in time and three before maintenance. For merc and yammy also like that we are able to perform our own oil changes under warranty. Any comments , especially if 90 may work instead of 115? Goodnoughs above is not listed on mercury dealer list.????
  4. Can't go the honda way...too heavy for my boat, over 100lbs more than a yammy.
  5. Can't seem to find a mercury dealer that will sell just a new engine in Oswego/Syracuse. They won't even quote one. Any comments/dealers 115hp new for 1992 trophy 20ft wa model 2002.
  6. I live in Cicero, ny but dock in Oswego. Repowering 20ft trophy, and like Yamaha, Etec, Merc but want to deal with best service (mechanic)/dealer before I choose engine. Any reviews good or bad ? thank you
  7. I believe empty you are saying this part comes with the unit at purchase, and all i have to buy extra is the swivel mount, which are about $90?
  8. Thanks for the comments Richard, But I'm talking specifically about a Magnum 5ST. I know I may mount a purchased swivel on my gunnel, but a 5ST is confusing what it comes with on the bottom of the rigger, to attach to a swivel base. Do I need to purchase a separate base mount with the big pin that I see on the other Digitrolls and mag 10's to attach to the swivel mount? Unless you have a Mag 5ST Idon't believe you will know what i'm talking about.
  9. Cannon's instructions and details are lacking in mounting parts and wiring for the magnum 5st. The 10;s come with a swivel mounting base. The cannon page the 5st comes with a base mount. How do you get a $90 360 swivel base to attach? Secondly, the riggers come with a power cord. My starboard length of wiring needed is more than 6 ft they supply you with., 13ft. I called the factory and after many minutes of discussion the guy said he checked the engineering drawings and the wire is 14 gauge. I highly doubt it is 14 , more like 12. In addition, they say to use 10 gauge for an extension after 6 to 15 ft. How can you go from 10g at the battery and end up with 14g at the rigger? Finally, must you install 30 amp fuses in each rigger line or not for mag 5st's? thanks guys.
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