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  1. TTT. Make an offer. Open to any fishing stuff
  2. Place in OH called Erie Outfitters is selling them for 150 brand new. I’m sure they will ship to Buffalo
  3. Gander Mtn Guide Series 7’ M $60 Quantum Team KVD rod 6’6” MH $70 Mostly looking to trade but open to cash offers too. Interested in lure/spoon lots but open to offers Located in Brockport but I’m out towards Buffalo and the Finger Lakes a lot as
  4. Bump TTT. Still available and flexible on price
  5. Anyone have a with a sit on top with a nice seat? Have some trade items(guns, fishing stuff, bows) and cash. Let me know what you have!
  6. Sent you two DMs I am interested. Get back to me
  7. In great shape. Around 6-7 years old but only used for one season in 2016. 30” draw and 75# pull. Comes with arrows, quiver, whisker biscuit, sight, and release. Can add in a target for a few bucks. Asking 300 but I’m open to offers and trades. Especially guns/fishing gear/large spoon or lure lots/Garmin Striker package for my kayak/possibly other kayak fishing accessories Located in Brockport but make it though Buffalo area and Finger Lakes quite often
  8. Open to offers and trades. Have too much fishing gear. Gotta get rid of some
  9. BB1 RH 70 Lews BB1 RH 75 SOLD Lews Speed Spool RH 55 SOLD Gander Mountain Tournament guide series LH. Have matching rod for sale 40 Bass Pro Mega Cast RH. Have matching rod 10 SOLD Quantum Team KVD rod MH 6’6” 60 Gander Mtn Tournament Guide series MH 7’ 40 Bass Pro Mega Cast 6’10” MH 10 SOLD 2 Tite Lok Rod Holders. 20 a piece (SOLD) Lews Speed Spool RH 55 Gander Mountain Tournament guide series LH. Have matching rod for sale 50 Bass Pro Mega Cast RH. Have matching rod Quantum Team KVD rod MH 6’6” 65 Gander Mtn Tournament Guide series MH 7’ 50 Bass Pro Mega Cast 6’10” MH 10
  10. Thanks Sk8man. My families place is towards the South end on the West Side. I’ve never seen ice here before but I figured down by the south end would be the best bet for ice with the shallowness. As a kid I always had great fishing from the dock but recent summers have seemed off to me when I’ve visited. Have you noticed any downtick in the fishing?
  11. RH Lews BB1 w/ Falcon Bucoo Trapcaster RH Lews Speed Spool w/ Team KVD rod RH Bass Pro MegaCast combo LH Gander Mtn Tournament Guide Series combo A few lots of lures. Some antique copper and nickel casting spoons. Antique lures. Aluminum rod holders Email to make an offer or if you have questions. Flexible on pricing. More you buy the better the deal. Located around Rochester/Canandaigua
  12. UpstateToErie

    Canandaigua Winter

    Anyone fish Canandaigua this time of year? Also does the lake ever freeze up thick enough to ice fish?
  13. Look at Ohio Game Fishing for Erie. Good BST on there too
  14. That’s just about what I’m looking for. Will inquire on it. So this is a good example for anyone else reading this thread. Thank you reeldilemma33
  15. Need to upgrade to something a little bigger this year. Looking for something with solid stringers and transom. Have proof of this please. Not looking for fixer uppers. Something turn key would be great and open to a package with fishing gear/downriggers included. Would prefer twin inboards but open to single engines. Let me know if you’ve got a winter deal for me!
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