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  1. Put in alot of hours trolling on Saturday and ended up with 2 eyes. Both eyes weighed at like 6lbs. Looks like they are just starting to spawn as both were males and painted the floor of the boat white. Caught a few pickerel a few perch and a couple smallmouth one of the smallmouth weighed in at 6.2lbs. We didn't get the 12lber we hoped for but had a awesome trip anyway.
  2. Thanks tedc54... I have been down by that launch I always thought it was just a canoe launch or Jon boats. By "smallish" size will i b able to launch a 18ft StarCraft deep v?
  3. Where do you guys launch to fish that side of Henderson? We have been launching from point peninsula to get out to galloo island figure there has to be a closer state launch down that way.
  4. https://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/d/27-ft-stamas-boat-great-lake-fisherman/6849204152.html
  5. Guy I know has a 27ft stamas for sale in three mile bay. Boat looks like it just came off the show room floor.
  6. It was my first year running a wire dipsy so I was just using the pre made okuma combos... Pretty sure it was a Magda 30 and it just didnt work
  7. I lost alot of fish as well as gear last year running sub par drags on my wire divers. Decided I am going to bite the bullet and buy the saltists this season quick question what size saltist are you running for wire divers?
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