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  1. I did try some smoked Lake O lake trout once. We caught some off the bar in Jan one year and kept a couple as an experiment . a friend of a friend smoked them up and I was not impressed. But, once while passing thru the UP in Mich I bought some smoked whitefish and lake trout and they were very good.
  2. are you using mono, braid or wire for you divers and do you have a dive chart to be able to know how much line to let out? Ive always liked metalic green for salmon and texas red for rainbows
  3. this can happen if you drop a ball too fast when you have a paddle and fly on a short lead. the line gets pulled down by the ball vertically and the paddle will spin at high rate and wrap around your cable drop the ball slower or use longer lead or stop and go to let the paddle string out behind your ball and rigger cable
  4. yeah. I neve did figure that out. East winds means I stay home. havent cracked the code on that yet
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