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  1. I really like the Tangled Tackle youtube channel. Angler Avenue channel has some good content but hasn't had much new content added since merging with the other channel. Vision Quest has some good Lake Ontario content too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmssaXUv01ACIU4HVDnmP4w
  2. For the diy fly tyer Purple Taco has 15% off regular prices and is giving away samples of new material with every order.
  3. I like running them first light to take advantage of the glow and because I can pre-rig them to get them in the water quicker than real meat for that early, aggressive bite. Also, I find them easier to tune to get the perfect roll. Keep an eye on the rod though or check it frequently. A short/missed strike will bend the rocket the opposite direction and ruin the roll. Dalmation and Frog are my favorite patterns.
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