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  1. Does the price include shipping on your lures that your selling ?
  2. A 21 day dose of doxycycline is what my doc had suggested for people for the first dose. I too continued my outdoor activity fishing on Lake Erie at the time. Burnt like crazy, lol. I remember soaking Jersey gloves in the water to help stop the pain in my hands. Also wore long sleeves and big brim hat ! Wouldn’t wish this on anyone ! Hope you get feeling better but be patient !
  3. I had it pretty bad. There can be lasting results or major health issues from it. I took oral antibiotics ( 2 different ones everyday ) for a year & IV antibiotics for 5 months then pills again for a while longer. Treated with one doctor for Lymes then after 1 1/2 years treated with another to rebuild my immune system. Lymes is VERY SERIOUS !!! Everyone seems to have different symptoms & ailments from it. I thought I was going to die. If misdiagnosed it can kill. Dr. had me taking acidophilus to help my digestive tract also. Then started taking https://www.naturessunshine.com/us/product/bifidophilus-flora-force-probiotics-90-caps/4080/ For me the bifidophilus helped a lot. They don’t know which antibiotics work so they keep switching until they find the ones that worked. I traveled to Hermitage, Pennsylvania to be treated by Dr. Joeseph Joseph. At that time he was known to be the doctor on the East coast to see for Lymes. I have sent others to see him as he helped get me well. I do have arthritis from it but feel very fortunate that seems to be the worst I was left with. If you need anymore info text or call me. 814-460-1108 Mick Be patient, it may take quite a while to get feeling better. Permethrin is a big tick deterrent. Sawyers has a spray with permethrin. To remove a tick that is dug in : cover with any liquid dish soap for about 5 minutes. Rub counterclockwise around the tick. Should come right out.
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