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  1. I had the sand exact thing happen put the shark n probe on set it in the water hit set it about 4 foot under the water turned around to grab rod heard a weird noise looked at tiger gone broke never ever had a kicking it
  2. And it works with no issues idk how old it is but I'd still b using it if my kids didn't get me a new graph for fathers day n I have paper for it
  3. Still available if anyone's looking for a great unit
  4. Still available if anyone's looking for a while setup works with no issues
  5. Still have some left of anyone is looking for some whole birds for the smoker or can split them in half nothing beats knowing your next meal was raised n processed with pride n not in some chicken barn processing plant
  6. Lafayette ny or I can meet half way your welcome to call me 607 423 6879
  7. Lafayette ny but can ship if need b you split shipping
  8. Make me a offer on these if interested I have caught countless salmon on these reels n never had a problem
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