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  1. Nothing wrong with this down rigger
  2. I have a bunch of full grown ready for your table free range cornish meat birds these birds will b ready for your freezer fully processed weight ranges from 5 to 7 pounds never fed growth hormones or antibiotics all feed was grown n ground here I'm asking $4 a pound
  3. I'm selling one of my downriggers as I'm only going to run three from now on as 4 is to much n need the room so I'm selling a electric big jon standard length boom this down tiger is in full working order and just needs to b installed I'm only asking 150 for it
  4. I upgraded my fish finder so I'm selling my old one both units work as they should with no issues has GPS,speed wheel, and chart plotter I am not sure what it is worth but would love to have someone get plenty more years of use out of it please if interested make me a fair offer
  5. I'm selling 3 matching okuma classic pro rods with 47 H reels spooled with 30 pound big game these rods are brand new only been used one time the reels work perfectly I'm asking 225 for all three
  6. Thank you for the pic I see the difference in the two
  7. I have a few of these baits I'll get a exact count in a few days
  8. 20 foot Crestliner n thanks for the info on the Cannon holders highly considering going that route
  9. If someone has a set of tight lock rod holders with plates or a track system with rod holders I'm in need of some n don't have a ton of money to spend but I'm being hopeful to find a set someone has kicking around the garage
  10. Sorry there are no Sutton spoons at all in this box but the spoons that are in here will catch fish
  11. Pm you if still available please call me
  12. I will keep these in mind but I'm looking for otter boats as I also have boards but thank you
  13. The boards I use with a mast please
  14. Hi I'm in need of two otter boats if anyone has a set they would like to part with please message me
  15. I also seen it in front of 9 mile it definitely looked like a otter boat but I could not get turned around to get it called another boat behind me and they never seen it
  16. Where are you located very interested
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