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  1. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga 6/28

    Thanks for the info. guys. Are the fleas continuing to get worse?
  2. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga 6/28

    Thanks for the advice Frogger! Do you think color matters?
  3. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga 6/28

    Did a little checking and it seems that Andes clear 40-50# is popular.
  4. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga 6/28

    I was out of TFalls to Sheldrake last week and the fleas were just starting Does anyone have suggestions on best line etc. to combat this scourage?
  5. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga

    Launched from T Falls 8 am. Water 61.7 Water at Milliken was 65.6, Sheldrake 61.9 and Long Point 68. Trolled, most productive 60-80 fow. Lakers to 5#s and one 18" landlock and 15" rainbow. Bright colors the most productive but black/purple also good. Caught fish at all locations. Beautiful day and surprisingly not many boats out.
  6. What did the water look like north of Meyers? When i was out last week it was a mess from Meyers south but was ok north of Meyers/T Falls.
  7. Thanks Great Laker. That's what I thought. I have a 18.5 Crestliner and went to T Falls last tuesday, tuned arount and went our of Myers.
  8. Does anyone know if the water level is still too high to get under the bridge at T Falls with larger boats?
  9. Good information SK8man. Much appreciated.
  10. Can anyone tell me if the fleas are still bad? I was up last Thursday and probably the worst I have ever seen.
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