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  1. There looks to be brackets in the floor where a porta poty was installed, the picture does not show the wooden part that were restored where the gimbal mounts are, they are on now, and yes a track system could be installed on top of that. The reason I only kept it for one year is two reasons, 1- I didn’t like the fact that the engine had to be winterized in November, I like fishing all the time, 2- is I decided I would rather have a multi species boat, so in January I purchased a new Lund, if I had my way I would keep both but my wife won that battle.
  2. There are two Lowrance elite 5’s, one has gps, two newer cannon mag 10 manual downrigger s with swivel bases that come with boat. No rods or tackle
  3. Ok sounds good I will look forward to your call 585-737-1579 jamie
  4. from the top off the transom mount to the cavitation plate it is 22 1/2". From top off transom mount to bottom of skid plate it is 32" . Jamie
  5. launch was not frozen Friday however no docks.
  6. Yes it comes with a total scan transducer Jamie
  7. I have a Johnson i just posted Thanks Jamie
  8. Selling a Johnson 9.9 HP 4 Stroke, with electric start. Has a long shaft Purchased used for my old boat for a kicker motor but have decided to go in a different direction. Ran before it was stored inside Price $ 1,600.00
  9. Selling My Lowrance Elite 9ti that i bought new and is still in the box, I have decided to go a different direction so I no longer need this one. Features: Touch Screen Chirp Sonar Total Scan Transducer GPS Wireless 9" Display Over a $1,000 Value Sell Price $ 850.00
  10. David, I may have receipts for all the work done, but if I don’t the boat is stored at the place that did all the work so I’m sure they have records of it. You could even talk to them. jamie
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