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  1. From shore, water is noticeably colder & dirty w / clean water line a ways out & patches of clean water around. We did well w/ perch from pier at river entrance at Rochester yesterday when it was warm, flat & clear. Today on shore it’s noticeably colder, dirty / clear water line out a bit w/ patches of clear water around. Wind is 13 mph w/ 1 1/2 / 2’ through tomorrow afternoon noon. How might that impact fish from land / pier at river entrance? im heading out early morning tomorrow. Im guessing perch will be off, how might this impact walleye? Any chance it’ll bring trout or salmon in casting distance? Any suggestions for how to approach & gear & bait up for tomorrow? Thanks in advance! PMs welcome. JD
  2. Gotta question bout wind, waves & water clarity please. Im visiting Rochester NY on Lake Ontario. Fished on a river inlet & caught some perch, white bass, rock bass etc. Conditions were warm, clear & calm water. Last night wind changed. Now it’s 13 MPH outta NW. we’ve got 1.8 - 2’ waves & a noticeable clear / dirty water line. Water temp on beach dropped. My question is how can I expect that to impact fishing? I’m guessing it’ll put perch off & or deeper on up into river? How about walleye? Also, might the cooler water bring trout or salmon within casting range? Im heading out to same area at dawn tomorrow. Wondering what I can expect, how I should approach& bait / rig up? Any advice is greatly appreciated! PMs welcomed. Thanks in advance! JD
  3. It was a very short trip before Thursday storm chased us in. Mitchals B&T hooked me up. found a couple. welcome dinner guests. JD
  4. Any updates on recent landbound angling? Headed up your way tomorrow morning. Looking forward to some early morning outtings. I'll be giving Mitchell's Bait & Tackle a call later today for sure! Now, what gear to pack.... Thanks again everyone! I'll post a report. JD
  5. Thanks again! You've been so helpful. I found that I can purchase NY fishing licenses on-line. Steelhead and salmon are still on my bucket list, but they'll need to wait for another day. Thanks again! JD
  6. Thanks gentelmen. As much as I'd like to drive to the Oak, and by the way that's a beauty there, After the 6 plus hours drive from south easter corner of PA to visit friends in Rochester, not looking to do another drive, other than back home. I'll stick to Rochester & Lake Ontario / Guinesee R from land. Prolly the pier. Thanks again. JD P.S. By crabs, were they taling about crayfish?
  7. Awesome thanks. are these native fresh water crabs? Crayfish? do they sell them at local bait shops or does one need to catch their own? JD
  8. Thanks Brother, Lots of good info there. Greatly appreciated! would you feel safe w/ 6lb test w/ appropriate rod (e.g Salmon / Steelhead rod) & good smooth drag? Thanks again, now I feel like I have a place to start. JD
  9. For a couple morning fishing in a place I've never been beofre visiting friends, I'm okay w/ bass & sheephead. I still need some guidance please. So I've resigned myself to fishing from land. I'm guessing a charter would cost a couple to a few hundred dollars is that correct? Perch or walleye would be great, will there be present off the pier? If so how would I target those? Live minnows, on a jig, dropshot, bobber? When you say vertical jigging, I could still use some more info. Is this a round jighead w/ a tube, crayfish immitation, twistertail? Is it a dropshot scenario? Is it snaggy or is there sigificant current from the river? I read somewhere that sheephead get big, fisht heard and tast good, is that true? What lb line, is 4lb undergunned? 6lb? I greatly appreciate any & all advice, incuding resurces, and or good local take chops that might be helpful. Thanks again ,in advance! JD
  10. Thanks much guys! Man I spent a lot of money this summer. To be honest money is kind of tight. What kind of bucks woud I need to spare? No idea as I've never done anything like this. JD
  11. Wow, bummer. Are there any worth while oppratunities from shore in tha area at that time? How about perch or walleyes? Can you tell me a little more about the potential for bass and sheephead please? Large or smallmouth? I know what salt water sheephead are. Never heard of freshwater sheepehead. How does one fish for them? Would a light spinning outfit tossing leadheads and soft rubber, e.g. tubes, around hard structure be the ticket? JD
  12. Thanks, I'm disappointed but I needed to know that. That being said, what is avaiable from shore in Rocchester during the frst week of Aug? How about that peer? JD
  13. Hello, I'm new here. I just registered and posted a inew member introduction in the appropriate forum. My wife & I are visiting a friend in Roccester NY during the 1st week of August. I'd like to do a little fishing. I'm mostly a surf fisher, do some NE groundfishing jigging & trout fish in small streams in south eastern PA. I say that to say I have no idea where to start, what to fish for or how in Roccester. I see the Guenesee river enters there & there is what looks like a long pier there. Is that a good place to fish (i.e. the pier)? What species am I most likley to be able to catch there 1st week of August? I prefer tossing lurse but am in no way above fishing bait of any kind. What gear should I bring? I love trout, would be sooooo pumped to catch a salomon, steelhead is #1 on my bucket list. Perch or walleyes would be excellent too. I'm not into catfish. Any help, adviseor info will be greatly appreciated. Even if it's simply directing me to resources. PM's are very welcome as not to spot burn. No worry about that. It's just me fishing & I'm only going once and going back home to PA. Thanks in advance! Respectfully, JD
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