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  1. I'm in VT. Usually out there by now a few times but this covid has got everything locked down. 05458 ship to address
  2. I will be back out to the Oswego area in about a week and a half. How much total for the 2 okuma dipsey rods? I can have a friend pickup from you.
  3. Would like 3 please. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks.
  4. The old shop across from Woody's has a top of them. They are only there in weekends though. Selling everything from the shop. Have been for years. They were like $2.00 a piece I think.
  5. I am looking for a couple wire rods with reels for dipseys. I live in VT and am in the Pulaski area 5 or 6 times a year. I will be back in two weeks or so. Thanks.
  6. If they are still available I'll take them. what track system will they fit? I will be back over there in 2 weeks or we can set up shipping. text or call 802.557.8479
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