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  1. Electric start ? Can you call me 716-238-1712. Id like to see it. Thanks
  2. Yep I had a guy text me yesterday saying he had a one year old fish hawk more than half off. Lmao. I asked him if I can call him to chat and he said he would probably be busy. Also had a Chicago area code but gave me an address from Maryland. Definitely a scam. And his wordings in the text were repetitive. Also when. I asked for how it performed for him. He gave me a word for word description off the website. Beware. People. Pieces of Sh#t are everywhere trying to scam
  3. Looking to buy a fish hawk or sub troll does anyone have one for sale. If so give me a call or text please. 716-238-1712
  4. Fortrex 36 volt 109 thrust 45" shaft. Built in transducer Must sell 500$ firm.
  5. 2013. 45" shaft. I do not have a remote just a pedal
  6. Like new 36 volt 109 thrust minn kota fortrex bow mount trolling motor for sale. I purchased this and its not right set up for my boat. 500 firm.
  7. I finally got my answer to the overheated engine. I took the head off to inspect the pistons and the sleeve on cylinder 2 has twisted . I was told by the dealer that the block is now junk. I've already got another motor installed on the boat this weekend . Thanks for everyone's help. As I said before I was hoping for good news but this is by the worst case scenario
  8. Yes I know it overheated. My alarm was going off for a while to get back in to shore. That being said. U can see that the motor got so hot it melted plastic connections on some of the wires laying on the topic the motor. And the seam where the block meets the intake has apparent melted paint. I am getting a second opinon Thursday from the johnson dealer. Ill get back to you guys then. At this point ive started to look at used motors in case the motor needs an overhaul for sure and its over my head in diy or cost . Well see . Thanks everyone
  9. He said he sprayed ether on block while it was running and it sucked it in and motor stopped. So a vacuum leak is apparent there. That would mean its a gasket or seal where the blocks come together i believe
  10. My mechanic said it has some internal damage from over heating. He's given up and said not worth investing anymore 😕
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