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  1. Thanks to all. If you guys fish in the area give me a shout on the radio. The name is blueboots. It is a 22 ft starcraft hardtop glass boat. Only one around I know of
  2. Thanks muffins. I have a place in Bedford Creek I don't think anyone will be going out of there
  3. Thank You sir will be checking that out. Do they have a launch up there you know of
  4. Wanted slip in the Henderson Harbor Saketts Harbor area
  5. Send info so I can get the money to you
  6. I'll take them. I have pay pal. If I can figure out how to use it
  7. Same for me let me your number so we can keep in touch. Thanks
  8. You still going to be at the lake this weekend. I'll pick up the mast if you still have them
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