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  1. WOW! I've been looking for this exact boat and color for over 2 years! I finally gave up and bought a used Grady White Seafarer 228 . I wanted it for sea duck hunting and salmon/walleye fishing, damn! these things are super rare, I have over 100 hrs. looking for one, I Know.
  2. After cleaning the carbs several times on my old 86 70hp VRO and getting nowhere I decided to pitch the VRO and bought a fuel pump on craigs list for about $80. Problem solved! installed in less than 15 minutes , now I just need to remember to mix my gas.
  3. where did you get that cover?. I have a 1996 seafarer 228, looks like good quality and nice fit, great price on boat too ,I paid $21,000 for mine
  4. I would like to purchase lot 9, with pay pal to U.S
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